Jun 24, 2011

A True Love Story

Some years back I wasnt this happy. I was disillusioned, somewhat bitter, a little spiteful and very lonely.
Nevertheless I was hopeful with life. I told myself, If the Lord wants single blessedness for me, I vowed I would embrace it and thrive...

emo moments
Then You came along in perfect timing. I found you quite an interesting being. And although I have enjoyed the years of my being alone I never dismissed the idea of wanting to have someone I could call my own (bone rhymes too).

Honeybee from the mail!

more presents from you!

Honeybee's circle of friends..expanding

Kinder egg surprise treats from you ( I wonder where these guys are now by the way)

from me to you with love!
I was glad I was introduced to you at a time I was done with the hang ups from my past.You wrote me daily for 6 months and each letter (and box of goodies!) was just as interesting as the last. 

I was hesitant but curious of you. I never met someone who had so much to say! You were always a wealth of ideas and information. Sometimes crazy trivia too..

Hey Mr, what a nice wallpaper you have

And one day I finally met you. What a vision you were. It was better than the dream.
It was heaven to finally hold you. My feelings were ineffable. You were just too good to be true.

aboard the upper deck of the SBS transit
you asked me to marry you after 6 days..

You are one of the reasons why I believe there is a God. You are the reason I wake up each morning brimming with hope, with love. You are the reason why everything bland seem to have a more unique hue each day. You are the reason why I know everything will be okay...

Marrying you was the best decision I have made in this life. YOU are life changing.

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband. I am yours now and forever. I love you very much!!!

This is us! Perfect Combination.

Disclaimer :

I didnt particularly write this to make it rhyme by the way. But when the first few lines came out the way it did, I felt I had to follow the flow. hahaha

The thought of you just make me so playful, a little cheesy and poetic. hehehe

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