Jun 14, 2011

Daily thoughts - Dumb getting dumber

Yesterday i thought the abandoned house next door was burning. When I went to the balcony to check, I was shocked to find a mass of billowing smoke coming directly from the side of our house. The source of the fire was probably just inches away from our wall.

The people who started the fire were the same idiots who were burning their garbage a few days ago. It seems they dont have the slightest common sense at all. This time, the wife of the guy who I yelled at had the gall to tell me that she couldnt move her garbage to the front of the house so she decided to burn it there, right by the side of our wall. I asked the woman, if our house burned to the ground, can she produce the money to buy us another house? she was at first defensively yapping then was quiet when I said this. The answer is obviously NO.

The reason they were cleaning the area is because they will be living in the house next door temporarily. The house has no electricity nor water. But these people are getting paid to look after it while the owner finds a potential buyer. I dont mean to sound like a bastard but these people obviously have no money. I dont hate poor people, but I do hate idiots who are inconsiderate. Not all poor people are stupid but this family moving in next door is just that kind I have been avoiding. The local version of hillbillies. They dont give a shit about anyone and they care less whether they cause any inconvenience. Well i dont like smoke coming inside my room and potentially making me or my cats sick. I will not let this shit fly by

I was able to make these bastards put out the fire but Im worried if they would do it again when Im not around. I wouldnt mind if they were burning some pineapple express. it could help with the stress right now. But no these stuff they are smoking smell like stale cat shit. it could be though..

Im upset so I had to report them, not to the authorities, not yet.

For now I reported them to the best person I could think of. This person cares more for this house than I do anyway. My mom.


  1. Some people have no common sense. The fact that they know how to use fire means they know that things burn. This should logically lead them to the conclusion that fire can spread and other things will burn. They shouldn't set fires next to someone's house. It's inconsiderate and retarded.

  2. i totally agree! plus the fact they cannot afford to replace a house. damn they cant even buy themselves one and still they recklessly start a fire that could burn one down.

  3. Exactly. Being poor doesn't mean you have to be stupid. They could use some common sense.


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