Jun 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Dearest Daddy

Hello Daddy. I miss you. Today me and my 3 brothers had a small celebration. We had food and some beer. It has been awhile since me and my 3 brothers got together like this. It would have been perfect if you were here too.

Last year I am glad I came home to celebrate Father's day with you and the family. Who would have thought it would be the last one where you could be physically with us.. I remember getting up early and going to Shopwise to buy groceries so we could prepare dinner.

I remember how excited you were that day. Your appreciation and smile were priceless..What Id give to do it all over again, every year if only you were here. 

Dad, finally after several months, I can think of you and I dont have to cry (for at least a few minutes). Im happier now and I know you will also be happy to know that I am.. You are in a better place and the great memories you left behind will always remind me how blessed I am to have had a great father like you. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you.

I remember when I was little and you would bring me to school in Pasig. We would walk hand in hand on that road that stretched like forever all the way to the gates of the school. Sometimes, people would offer us a ride and youd be in your chatty mode and thank the driver profusely for that 1-2 minute ride.

Even after many years I still remember how Id feel so sad when it was time for you to drop me off and you'd be on your way to work. I couldnt wait for you to pick me up after class. Our ritual before heading home was a trip to the hotdog stand at Edsa Central and youd get me a footlong or whatever it was I wanted, and also a cup of pineapple juice. 

In College, I would never forget how you would always bring me breakfast to my dorm at 6-630 in the morning from Monday to Friday. Then you would leave to go to work. I remember that my dorm was out of the way but still you would do that everyday for 4 years. Also during that time when I was 15-19 years old you would still prepare a goodie bag for me almost everyday. You would put chocolates, small jellos, candies and other sweet stuff like you did for us when we were younger. Also, if your budget allowed it, there was a yakult youd throw in the bag as well. 

Even when I was already an adult, you never stopped caring for me. I recall how you looked after me when I was hospitalised while I was a first year student in Medical school. And on my final year, you spent 3 hours to commute all the way to my dorm again when I had pneumonia, just to make sure I had the medicines I needed. You didnt leave until the next day, until you were certain I was going to be okay. 

I got my heart broken one time and it was unbearable, but you stood by me. You told me that seeing me cry was the worst pain you ever felt in your life. I had to pretend from then on that I was fine, I couldnt bear to see you get hurt again. It was bad enough that I was already hurting, it was unfair for you to also feel my pain.  And thank God I was able to get over that. Thanks also to you..

How can I forget how happy you were to meet the man of my dreams. How proud and ecstatic you were like it was you who was getting married too. Guess what Dad? He is just like you, the epitome of everything I want in a man. He is also happy to know that you approve of him for me and he loves you and misses you just like I do.

So on this day and everyday, please remember I celebrate  YOU. All the good I am right now I am sure came from you. And as for the bad, Im working on improving that part of myself. I want you to always be proud of me. 

Dad, you were always worried that you werent able to provide me with the things you thought I needed because you were always broke. You have given me so much more than you can ever imagine.One day I hope I can also impart the kind of selfless love to my kids.

I love you Dad and Im the proudest girl in the world to have a great Father like you.

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