Jun 16, 2011

Daily thoughts - Cleaning up

Had to do some spring cleaning because I think Im developing a hairball myself. Vacuumed the room and changed my sheets.

Sprucing up the room a bit seemed more like an adventure for my cats though. Thumper enjoyed crawling under the sheets. Dapper on the other hand seemed intrigued with the lump on the bed.
A seemingly smooth bed...

Dapper tempted to pounce on the lump on the bed

Boomer seem happy that her spot has been cleaned as well.


  1. Hmmm. Quiet days can be fun as well. Did any of the cats chase the broom?

  2. Boomer is fascinated with the broom. the other cats like to chase the dust bunnies

  3. Well, I'm glad they enjoyed themselves in the process. Play play time!


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