Jun 18, 2011

Shelter Animals in need of used Blankets

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A friend of mine from California left this message on facebook:

Does anyone have any used baby blankets or old blankets that can be cut up into baby sized square blanket pieces that they would like to donate? I want to send them to the shelter animals. You don't have to worry about washing them because I'll have to wash them again anyway, special requirements with shipping blankets. Please send me a private message if you can help.

These will be for animals that are set to be killed, the lucky ones who were not killed within a few minutes of entering the shelter. (What an ironic name) If they don't have blankets they either have a bare cold metal cage to lay in or a few sheets of newspaper. Those things provide little comfort for one about to die, but a warm blanket can at least help a little easing the trauma. I have a trip at the end of this month so blankets will go out next month once I have collected enough blankets. Thank you.

To those who are reading this, kindly send me a message if you can help. Thank you very much!

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