Jun 23, 2011

Daily thoughts - A productive day Yey!

Ive been really lazy the past few weeks, actually, the past months. I have been putting off some important chores and today despite being sleep deprived I dragged myself out of bed and went to the city.

I had to get my clearance signed from my previous local employer.  I left my last job in the Philippines 4 years ago. I never got around to being cleared from the company. I asked my younger brother back then to do it since he was still with the company when I left. He stayed with JP Morgan Chase for a few months until he resigned on January 2008. He had enough time to work on our clearance but the asshole just didnt do it.
 I dont know what his excuse is but if Im lazy, he is worse. Ironically, I ended up taking care of both our clerance papers.

I started getting some of the signatures of the officers in charge from each department last year around August. Unfortunately, everytime Id go to the office at the Bonifacio Global City, the team manager who was handling our group back in 2006-2007, always wasnt around. I also found out that he goes to work in the evening and leaves the office around 6AM. It was impossible for me to go to the office during those unholy hours. So I kept putting off that paper until today.

It was a weird but wonderful coincidence, that I saw the guy (team manager) today at one of the JPMorgan Chase offices. I was waiting for the Security office to call my name when I saw him walking through the electronic turnstiles . I ran up to him and explained my situation. He couldnt even remember me anymore. When I mentioned the name of my baby brother, he said oh yeah, your twin! hahaha its  was funny hearing that. When me and my little brother were employed back in 2006, we told everyone we were twins. We didnt know that this rumor would go around the whole office. Even by the time I was packing up to leave, people still believed it although I was already telling them it was just a joke.  Anyway Im kinda glad he remembered me through my brother, otherwise he probably wouldnt have signed my clearance.

Another interesting thing was each of the department that I visited looked at the clearance paper and would look at me, shake their head and smile. One even remarked, WTH? Antique nato ah! The clearance paper is 4 years old and still bears the old Chase logo and address.  The old Chase office was in Philam life building 4 years ago. They occupied only a few floors. Their back office is still there when I checked last year. But JPMorgan Chase seemed to have really thrived because when I came back from Singapore last year, I was in complete awe when I saw their fabulous buildings at the Fort.

I am glad I was able to take care of the clearance paper within the day. The guy from the mail office told me that I would hear from them within 30-45 days.Yey moola hopefully. That could solve my dilemma on where to get the money for the cats' plane fare.

Aside from my clearance, I was able to also visit the Singapore Embassy today to get some documents printed out. I'll have to come back on Friday to pick it up.

I had lunch at Pancake House and I was so stuffed that I had to walk around the Fort for awhile because I was so full it was uncomfortable. So much for gluttony. I went to a sports shop and looked around but realized everything on display were expensive. I bought a map for 99PHP. at first I was even debating with myself whether I should get it or not. But realizing that I have many more future trips to make before I leave the country, I might as well get the map since I am a commuter. I could borrow my brother's truck but its a gas guzzler and a day's trip would cost me 500PHP just on gas. On the other hand, if I commute, I can eat at a good restaurant and still have extra money for a bavarian donut or some sweet treat.

I left the Chase building around 4PM and boarded the Fort bus en route to the MRT. When I got to the train platform, I heard a woman screaming at some guy who I think copped a feel. Some people were craning their necks to check out what was happening. When the MRT came by we all hurried up to board the train like nothing out of the ordinary happened.Thank God the MRT was'nt as jampacked today like it usually is.

I got off at Shaw Blvd Station and went to Megamall. Initially I was planning to head home to my baby girls but I was tempted to walk around the mall and enjoy the airconditioning for awhile. It was drizzling outside but was strangely hot and humid. I looked around the mall and got myself some fancy treats at Body Shop to celebrate my "productive" day. The lady there also gave me a makeover! hahaha it was interesting. I had fun being their guinea pig.

I grabbed a bite at Chicken Bon Chon before heading out of the mall.

The ride home was an hour long and I kept dozing off because the ac in the van was really cool and relaxing. My head was bobbing around so much I was dizzy when I finally got off at my destination in town. One more ride to my house. The tricycle ride was horrible though. The front part of the carriage didnt even have a window and you wouldnt even see it if death was about to smack you in the face. You wont be able to scream even if another vehicle was coming at you. Only the driver could. Its crazy how that particular tricyle was built. Piece of shit vehicle. I dont dislike tricycles, I hated this one though. Also, the damn driver probably thought we would be impressed with his "daredevil" way of maneuvering the wheel. Holy God I swear I never prayed so hard until today.

It was dark, drizzling and this guy just seemed oblivious to all that. It was a nightmare that lasted for some 15 minutes. Not to mention the motorcycle's exhaust was so strong it made me and the other girl teary eyed. We also had  to bury our faces in our shirt. Thank God I made it home in one piece.

I was happy for the eventful day but disappointed to find out that the dogs at home didnt get to eat. I was too tired to make them anything so I just give them some slices of bread for the night. The cats downstairs had some kibbles. Tomorrow Ill have to make them some decent meal. I really pity these animals. Nobody in this house seems to give a shit about them at all. Its like people who live in this house think that animals can just magically produce their own food! Ill rant again about that some other time. The dogs and cats will make do with the small portion tonight.

As for me its time to hit the sack. Really glad I can cross out two activities from my TO DO list.

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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome day out, despite the rough ride home on the tricycle. I'm glad to hear you had a good time and your preparations are well under way. =)


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