Jan 18, 2012

Daily thoughts - Crazy kind of love

Have you ever been apart from someone you love for a few days, weeks, months or worse a year or more? When my husband left for the USA in 2010, he brought also one of our 3 cats with him. Its an experience I never want to go through again. Honestly, I wouldnt do it for a million dollars. Having money is great of course since it can make you feel secure and comfortable, but if the person you love is not there, for me that money will not compensate for it. I dont know about you but my life doesnt revolve around material things. I can do with very little but I cant survive being away from someone I love, not again. Cheesy as it may sound, I mean it.

So when I told my husband that I dont care if we are broke as long as we are together, I did mean it. Fortunately, when I got here things have turned around for the better for both of us. The bonus is we we have our 2 cats too. But I still feel incomplete. Its because I still left a part of me back home in my country. Im happy of course, being here in NYC, having everything I need, seeing places Ive always dreamed of. It sounds truly crazy but I miss my 3 cats back home. I know that its possible to get them here but its going to be risky and costly.

Fruitycake, Boomer, Enchong and Dapper


Enchong passed out

dead to the world

Enchong being sweet


My cats Enchong, Boomer and Fruitycake are all a part of me. They kept me sane during that year I waited to be reunited with my husband. They may have been a handful especially when I had to scoop their turds everyday. Every week I had to carry a big bag of litter and every 2 weeks I had to buy that 10kilo of catfood. It was rewarding to see them fed, content and happy. Just like me now, Im well fed, content and happy.. but then there are those days I think of the 3 cats I left behind and actually the rest of the pets that I took care of.

My sister in law sends me updates with news about the 3 critters. She says they are getting fatter. Enchong in particular is very sweet according to her. She says Enchong wants to be held and would try to hug her at every opportunity. In fact he would want to be held first and would go around purring before eating. Thats him alright, my very sweet baby boy. I miss when he used to put his two front paws to hold my face when we go to bed. I was always worried he would scratch me accidentally but he never did, he was always gentle. Sometimes he acts obsessed though its funny. He freaks out when Im around, trying so hard to be cute and sweet.

I am praying and hoping that one day soon too, my 3 babies will make it here. I promise to give them new beds, toys, wet food every morning and lots of love. I really love those cats that much and I miss them terribly. If I feel this way over the cats, I can imagine how hard it must have been for my husband to patiently wait for a year to get me and our 2 cats here safely.

Now its my turn to do everything I can to bring my 3 babies here.

Corny but true. Love can make you do crazy things.

MUSHY!!! hehehe


  1. it's not crazy at all! do love ur cats while they're still alive. i just lost 1 last month and i terribly miss him. kudos to your sis in law for taking care of your babies :)

  2. sorry to hear about your kitty. its never easy to lose a pet no matter how many times youve lost one. yeah, my sis and my bro are awesome for looking after the pets.

  3. Do your best and they'll be with you again soon. =)


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