Jan 29, 2012

Daily thoughts - A great place for animals

One thing I love about NY is how people seem to care so much about their pets. Ive seen a lot of pet supply stores big or small. In fact there are two stores just a few blocks away from where I live. The prices are a bit higher compared to Petco but its a nice place to go to if I do feel lazy to go all the way to Union Square. Not to mention that even the grocery store or pharmacy store have a bunch of pet stuff choices.

Even the park has a spot meant for dogs to run around and play at.

Then there is the section also at PETCO where they have cats for adoption

Here is Leo and Shawn
A little description about the two cute kittens
Other cats:


looks like my Thumper
Cat gym at Petco

King Oreo looking snappy

so cute!


reminds me of my cat Fishy

I love how they also have these cats in the store to win potential adopters over. I never saw anything like this in the Philippines or Singapore. I remember that store where I usually buy my cats their food in Antipolo. It was hot, dirty and the pets inside were up for sale. The animals look pitiful, scared and obviously suffering. Unfortunately sometimes I had to buy the cats their food from that pet supply store because it was the closest to where I live.

Over here it is paradise for pets like cats and dogs.

It was overwhelming to see so many choices for my cats. I wanted to get them new toys and bed and fancy food. But I have to put that off until we find another apartment bigger to accommodate me, my husband and our 5 cats. We also plan to get a small dog when that time comes. It is tempting to adopt one of the cats in the shelter but I already have 2 cats here and 3 more to join us within the year.

My friends tell me how lucky my cats are because me and my husband adopted them. I guess its true. We really love our baby girls and we intend to spoil them for as long as we can. From Singapore to Philippines and now to NYC, these cats have come a long way!

Thumper is from Bedok, Dapper is from Yishun Singapore (car seat courtesy of Mr Heng from Bedok)

If my 2 cats can talk Im sure they would say I love NYC! =)

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