Jan 20, 2012

Daily thoughts - Goodbye Docman

Im still in my jammies now but I cant contain my anger and sadness over hearing the news from my sister in law that one of our dogs was run over. We live in a subdivision and the only way a dog can get run over in our street is if the vehicle is moving very very fast. Its not a highway but a street thats probably not even 300 meters long. I understand when cats get run over because they are smaller and at night may not be too visible for some motorists. But then again its still not justifiable. In a neighborhood, there should be a certain speed limit because human beings, especially children can get mowed down as well.

To date I have lost 4 cats and a dog in our street alone. The last time I brought this up to the neighborhood president, he just shrugged and said that all animals should be on a leash including cats. Useless talking to an idiot like him though. He eats dogs, prances around in his itty bitty shorts and smokes like there is no tomorrow. His own dog was run over and he didnt bother to bring it to the vet. Miraculously the dog survived though.

Why does this kind of thing happen? Yes the dog should have been on a leash thats what I thought too. But if the vehicle that passed by wasnt going so fast this could have been avoided. Ive witnessed these cars go past our house many times and some of them dont even belong to people who live in our neighborhood. The indifference is just disturbing. Noone seems to care. Maybe if a kid gets killed they will finally notice.

I dont know what to do anymore. When I was in the Philippines, I tried to tell people to put a hump on the street so that cars will slow down. I even offered to pay for it. But they just dismissed my suggestion thinking it was something funny.  Worse, the homeowners president is more concerned with beauty pageants and processions, restricting people from singing karaoke and other retarded shit than paying attention to the real problems in the neighborhood. First is he should prohibit the practice of people eating dogs (which I doubt he will ever act on since he eats dogs in the first place). Second is to not allow vehicles to drive too fast along the streets since its a residential area. Also vehicles coming from the school nearby shouldnt be allowed to use our residential streets as a highway. This has been an ongoing issue for awhile now and I wonder why nothing has been done about it up to now.

How many more animals (or in the future humans) should be killed because other people show complete disregard or rather disrespect for others than themselves. Our street is not Avocado highway, it is called Avocado street. Houses line up this street and a little child may come darting out of the house one of these days. When that happens, what are you going to say Mr President Sancho Artates? Put a leash on the child?

Im really saddened by this incident. Docman is a sweet dog and despite not being treated well by some people I know, she was never unruly nor mean. She didnt deserve to die like this. No animal deserve to die as such.

Im going to do something about this before a child gets killed next time because of this persistent stupidity.

Im sorry Docman I let you down...

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