Jan 22, 2012

Daily thoughts - First snow experience for me and the cats

 In 2010 there was a blizzard in New York. But the previous year 2011 it didnt snow for the entire month of December. Not that Im complaining. Ive heard a dozen of stories, mostly unpleasant, about how hard it is to cope with the nasty aftermath of a heavy snowstorm. Also I have a very low threshold for cold weather. At first its interesting but once it hits the 30s (Fahrenheit) and below it gives me a headache. I guess Im really not built for this kind of climate. But of course I wanted to experience what snow feels like. After checking the accuweather online and on hearing the news, I got excited. I slept late but around 2am there still wasnt any snow.

I woke up to use the bathroom around 4am and decided to also peek out the window.

the parking lot
It was beautiful but I was freezing when I went on the balcony to check it out. Its like that time I stuck my head in the freezer when I was a kid and Id sniff the cold till my nose went numb. I went back to bed and got up a few hours later excited to let my cats experience it too.

A view from the balcony

 Thumper curious to see what's going on outside:

isnt that cute?
Dapper's turn:

It was really fun to watch the cats scampering on the ice. They both stayed only for probably 2 minutes and ran back in to join me in enjoying the heat inside the apartment.

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