Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

This year was 'nt so bad at all. In retrospect it was a busy one, fun and productive. I didnt get to run the marathon I was pining for, nor did I learn a new language as planned though. But I was able to open my own little store for a few months, joined some races, quit smoking, complete my most important paperwork, managed to even get a job as a technical support representative, get my 2 cats' paper work ready. And most importantly, I was able to join my husband here in the USA and bring our 2 cats along. Mission accomplished! well almost. 2 here, 3 more to go (cats I mean)!

For this New Year I have a few personal projects lined up like usual. Some call it NY resolution,  in my case Id call it Middle Age Milestones hahaha. Ill be very busy getting a job, saving up for my 3 cats' fare to get here, i plan also on going back to school and hopefully also run the marathon, here in NYC.

Ill probably write down my bucket list and cross each item out as I go along, meaning after Ive accomplished it.

Life is short and its better to act on that list than keep telling myself it is impossible. Gymnastics is out of that list now though. I can still split if I consistently stretch for a few months but doing that somersault may permanently damage my back. Haha nah I never thought of doing that anyway. Im just saying its time to be realistic and time to remove some of the frivolous ideas I had when I was 10 years younger.

For now Im going to enjoy the rest of the evening and will be watching the ball drop at Times Square, at home of course. Next year we will do that at the Square so I can cross that out among my to do list=)

Happy New Year everyone!

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