Jan 30, 2012

Daily thoughts - The Game is awesome!

I finished the first book (in a series of 6)only and now I know what the fuss is all about. Its  really a great read! Im so addicted to it that I had to finish the tv series in 2 days.

and Im about to crack open my brand new comicbook that I got last month:
Found the comics at Forbidden planet then we ordered it online.

I love this cover



scanning the glossy artwork

I couldnt get around to finish the book although I already started reading before leaving the Philippines. When I first got here, I was too caught up with cooking, going out with the spouse and taking care of some important vital documents. So after 2 months here, I finally finished reading the first book.

I recently started on the second one. IMO its neat to read the book first before watching the series because it gives you a better grasp of the plot. Just the same, some people I know watched the series then later on read the book and said it at least gives them the visual on how the characters look like. The TV series is so amazing and Id say the producers really gave justice to how they depicted the book. 

Im really glad "my sun and stars" got me the complete book series on my ereader and he also got me the comic set. Sweet=)

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