Jan 11, 2012

Daily thoughts - Its your birthday

Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. I still miss you and every time I look around and see new stuff around me, how I wish I could share the excitement and happiness. I can imagine how amused you would have been. You are always like that, childlike. I love that about you. You appreciate the simple things that most people take for granted. You have always been so passionate about everything, be it life, food, pets, art and God. I will always remember you that way.

I didnt forget this special day because it is the day a great man was born. A humble yet great and amazing man. How fortunate I am for having been given the privilege to call him Daddy.

Happy Birthday to you Daddy. Memories of you still brings me tears but Im happy now. I am where I should be, with a good man just like you.

I love you..

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  1. happy birthday to your dad! someday u'll see each other again =) sometimes, missing someone is okay. don't ever forget the good values your dad taught u. say hi to to your cats from anonymous!

  2. Hey thanks! hehe ill give my cats a hug and a kiss from you.


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