Mar 31, 2011

Daily thoughts - still missing Daddy

It has been 6 months since my Dad  passed away. I honestly cant believe it has been that still feels like it was just yesterday. Ill give it another 6 months before I can say Im better.  It still feels raw and painful especially when I remember that very sad morning. Each day is a struggle but I know one day I will finally be happy again. I know at least he isnt in pain or suffering anymore..however that thought doesnt make it easy. I still dream of him and think of him especially when Im cooking his favorite dish or simply when Im feeding his pets. I love my Dad. he was larger than life. My inspiration and my hero. I miss him everyday.

Mar 26, 2011

Daily thoughts - 3 day cat affair - a visit to the vet, general cleaning, cat cleaning and a birthday

Day 1 (March 21) - Trip to the vet

dapper in the carrier, Yooby (the puppy) sending them off!
Dapper (L), Thumper (R)
I really didnt want for the baby girls to go through this trouble but there was no other choice. Ive tried painstakingly to treat their ear problem for over a month but I didnt see any progress.  I was really worried of traumatizing them especially Dapper, since the tricycle ride on the way to the vet clinic is really grating even to my ears.

For the past 4 weeks Ive attempted to clean my cats' ears by instilling this ear solution I bought in Singapore.

It has the following : Neem, Tea tree oil and Chlorhexidine

I honestly dont know how effective this solution is with all the active ingredients combined but it seems to loosen the gunk from the cats ear after I put some of the drops and rubbed their ears gently. It was not that hard to clean the the two kittens' (, Enchong and Boomer), ears. My problem was the other two older cats Dapper and Thumper. Back in Singapore, we didnt have this kind of problem. The cats never had fleas nor ear mites that I remember of. Obviously, the fleas and ear mites came from either Enchong or Boomer or both of them.

the "culprits" asleep on their bunks
I was advised by one of my catlover friends to wrap the cats like a burrito during ear cleaning time.

Dapper burrito

Thumper burrito
The cats have been showing signs that they may have ear infection. During the past few weeks, Dapper has been highly irritable, listless and has been shaking her head a lot. Ive also seen a lot of black coffee ground like stuff suggestive that there is an abundance of ear wax (yes i know its nasty) caused by most likely an ear infection. Since my efforts were futile in my DIY effort to treat them, it was time to bring them to the vet clinic.

Dapper in her carrier, terrfied during the tricycle ride

After I brought her to the veterinary clinic, the assistant set her on the counter to inspect her ear. The veterinary doctor took a quick look at the cats and let the assistant do the bulk of the work.

the assistant cleaning Dapper's ears
Dapper being "cooperative"
 the vet putting some antibacterial/antifungal drops
Dapper throwing a bitch fit

Now it was Thumper's turn
She doesnt look too happy
Antibiotic drops after the ear cleaning session

Aside from the ear cleaning, Thumper had her neck swabbed with hydrogen peroxide and betadine.Thumper  had some crusty shit stuck to the end of her fur and I had it checked by the vet too. According to him its flea bite dermatitis. He also advised me to give them a bath and use frontline to get rid of the fleas. Unfortunately they didnt have the spot on Frontline that I wanted so Ill have to go get that on my next trip to the city. When I got home I cleaned the room. Vacuumed and mopped it. I was exhausted.Taking the 2 cats to the vet clinic was not an easy task. I had to lug them in a carrier and strap them on a stroller. I then wheeled them all the way to the tricycle station which was half a mile away from the bank where I had to draw out some money to buy catfood.

Day 2- March 22 Cat bath time

The next day I gave all the cats a bath and also sprayed them with this anti flea solution called Accurate . I also sprayed every corner of the room  including the carrier and the area where the cats usually sleep. Enchong is no longer allowed to go out of the room to roam the house since the other cats havent had their baths yet. All 4 cats are all restricted only to my room.

Dapper after her bath

carrier  wiped with lysol

Carrier sprayed with Accurate

Dapper trying to hide in the clean laundry bag
Thumper after her bath
Cat grooming kit

I had to also heat some water for their bath. Not that I want to spoil them but these cats hate baths and using cold water IMO is animal abuse. also its guaranteed they would make me bleed if i did that. It was unbelievable, I was able to give all 4 cats a bath without getting bitten or scratched in the process.

After towelling them dry, I applied the Accurate solution on each cat. It wasnt easy either especially on the older cats. I was again relieved they didnt scratch nor bite me.

It was all worth it though. I noticed that Dapper seem to sleep better after the visit to the vet and after her bath.

Dapper relaxing on my desk

Thumper afternoon nap
Thumper evening nap

Dapper really likes my desk for some reason
Clean Cats enjoying my yoga mat
I also had to vacuum the room again since there were dead fleas everywhere. Success!

Day 3 -  March 23 -A birthday

Three years ago my baby girl was born. Coincidentally, it was also the same day my then fiance proposed to me during our trip to my country.

I went to Yishun  around May of 2008 to meet the foster parent of my Dapper. It was really love at first sight the moment I saw this cute kitten. I wanted to take her home that day but unfortunately I was in the process of moving to a new flat at Tampines. I could only take her home by June.

Dapper with her foster mom in May 2008

Shy Dapper

 We took her home on June 2008

Dapper as a kitten. June 2008
Dapper over the years :

July 08 with Whitty

Her favorite chair
Dapper with Timmy
Dapper with Thumper
May 2009

June 2010 Philippines

Happy Birthday Cake!
Sorry baby, you cant have your cake and eat it too! its chocolate!
I bought a chocolate butter creme log cake for my baby girl and shared it with my brothers and gave some to our neighbor. It may sound crazy to some but I do celebrate my pets birthdays.

This week is supposed to be my rest week prior to starting work again. But it was time well spent!.I was tired but very happy.