Mar 30, 2014

Daily thoughts - Bidding Winter good riddance.. at least for a couple of months

Winter is beautiful..on tv, on photos, when youre inside the house admiring it from the comfort of your home. But after awhile it gets old, annoying and a real pain in the ass, especially if you have to go to work and there is nothing on the employment handbook that excuses you from missing work unless the train shut down.

I managed to get to work during the days that more than half of the workforce didnt show up because the pile of snow in front of their homes were too high for them to risk their lives mowing through it. Or some just decided it was going to be too nasty outside, too slippery for them to ruin their cute outfits.

I took advantage of the "opportunity" by taking some photos. I wont say it was fun because one time i almost fell on my face.

we had to switch trains. one stopped working coz of the snow

delayed train

i came out one morning to this

50 meters away from the subway

yours truly being pummeled by the snow


Mar 29, 2014

Daily thoughts - 2nd and 3rd day of my one week of "Freedom"

yesterday was blah. I did have a delicious bowl of matzoh ball soup at Little Poland restaurant at the lower east side. it was so good and it cost only $6. in ny standard thats cheap. interestingly, the women serving the food are hot! im straight but still cant help but appreciate beauty.

Today is day 3 of my one week of Freedom. Got up early to feed the babies. Walked the dog, managed to make it to work on time despite the train stopping for 15 minutes at one station. It wasnt busy at work either and I even managed to do finishing touches on some of my drawings while at my desk.

A grate on the ground blew up in front of the bank kiosk in front of our building today. In fact it almost blew up one of the guys i work with. He was supposed to hang out at his usual spot to smoke when the floor suddenly exploded. I dont know if someone got hurt but thank God I wasnt there when it happened.

Roamed around wall street during my lunchbreak coz i ate my pack lunch on my first break. Saw some interesting dudes near the bull today

I left work on the dot. Saw this at the window of cohen optical on my way to the train station

When I got to my stop it was packed with people. I was lucky I still managed to get a seat on the train. When I got home, I took the dog to the park, then hurried back home to light the candles.

The apartment is a mess because I havent taken the time to clean up yet. Thats reserved for Sunday hehe.

I miss the hubby but Im somewhat enjoying being a slob right now. Lol. There are dishes in the sink, my purse, cat brush, socks, strewn on the  table, floor. Well today is Shabbat and its supposed to be a day to relax and do nothing. Blogging doesnt count as work so here I am just enjoying my me time, checking fb and browsing the net.

Cant heat up or cook food tonight so I ordered in some Chinese food. The guy who delivered the food looked like Masi Oka. "Masi" asked me to sign a piece of paper he brought that had my credit card info on it. While i was scribbling the appropriate tip on the paper, our new cat Cheesecake bolted out of the door. Unlike our other cats who are lazy and sort of slowmo when they walk, Cheesecake is agile. He used to be a streetcat and he jumps and run like a miniature Cheetah. I told Masi Oka lookalike to run after my cat, and he did! He started yelling when he got to the other end of the hallway GEt him get him! When I got to where he was I saw Cheesecake cornered in front of the elevator and Masi Oka with his terror stricken eyes pointing at the cat saying Get him gethim! I cant blame him. our new cat is huge and even if he is a darling, a stranger would take one look at his claws and long body and will know that's Danger on paws. So I scooped Cheesecake up and threw him back in the room. I said goodnight and thank you to Mr Masi Oka. He looked so relieved. I think I should have given him more for the tip come to think of it.

Here are some photos of the little cheetah

I turned on the tv to look for a show to watch. Decided on Bates Motel. The meal was was very good but I didnt even get to eat  1/4 of it. Im just not used to having my dinner in front of the tv without the hubby. Gotten used to saying grace before meals with him and debating which show to watch. I always end up choosing what he likes.

Day is almost over but its also a day closer till he comes back.


Mar 27, 2014

Daily thoughts - Day 1 of my one week of Freedom

I always tease my husband how id love to spend a few days off away from him. Of course Im joking but at the same time but I also thought i could use a little alone or me time. My husband is an awesome man. Very bright, funny, responsible but some of his positive traits also drive me nuts. He is a neat freak, the obsessive compulsive kind, and he will know if i moved something in the apartment and didnt put it back. Unfortunate for me because im the exact opposite. Not that im dirty, but i just leave my stuff laying around everywhere. sort of drives him crazy. We always get in to these little arguments because of me not picking up after myself. Another minor issue we have too is how I feel i do the lion's share of the chores at home. We do divvy up the chores but i do most of the everyday ones like doing the dishes, cooking, sometimes cleaning up and of course doing the laundry. He does walk my dog everyday and I really appreciate that. But I also understand that he has to focus on his schoolwork. In fact Im proud of him because it has indeed paid up. In fact thats also part of why he managed to snag that elusive and expensive trip for free because he is doing very well in school.

So thats kind of how I got my wish "granted". A week all to myself. Yey! ..not.

I didnt really mean I want time away from him. Maybe a couple of hours to go shopping by myself or have some manicure or pedicure at a salon. But it would be nice to know he is just at home after Im done with my me time. Me and my husband have been married for almost 6 years. We've spent each day together since we have been married except for a year long separation because he had to move to the US and I had to wait for my visa. We have had our ups and downs, but it has been an amazing journey with him.

Oh well, maybe this time apart may be best for both of us. I already miss him but Im also excited for him right now because he is on his way to visiting the country we both have dreamt of going to. One day, we will go together, but for now I need to hit the sack because tomorrow I have to go to work. Shit..

Mar 15, 2014

Daily thoughts - Wake me up when Winter Ends!

It has been several months since I had the time to write anything. Not that nothing exciting has happened, in fact a lot has. Unfortunately, all the activities and major events took a lot of my time. And now i kinda regret I dont have any posts to read about those wonderful experiences I had the past couple of months. I need to really straighten out my schedule and find time for the things i like doing. This online journal has been so cathartic the past few years and when I read some of the old posts i cant help but smile and sometimes cry a bit. I remember how writing my entry for the day was sort of an end of day ritual that was fun to me. I m kinda sad I put it in the backseat for several months since I started working. Hopefully this time I can allot even a few minutes each day for any entry that to me stood out to make my day interesting.

For starters, I really wonder when this winter will ever end! It has been so cold for almost 6 months. Thats half of a year! I have so many photos on my phone to share but ill have to sort them out then upload it when i do find the time. Snow is pretty on photos and after the first coat on the ground. thats about it. Then it turns to mush and gets all nasty and black after a few days. I just cant wait for it to be finally over, hopefully before April. Its supposed to be spring already, the daylight savings time even kicked in on March 9. A few days ago the weather was beautiful but yesterday and today we were back to the bitter 20-30. its crazy! anyway time to hit the sack. Excited for tomorrow's special celebration!