Jan 27, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS - on work, running, Marmie and finishing my book

Completed Regular Run. 5,424 (kcal) Distance 3.28 mi. Duration 37:00:00
Just a quick run down since I have to hurry up to hit the shower and go to bed.

Today was a busy day. I woke up at 8AM and dashed off to work to finish as much emails as I can. We had briefing at work so it kinda slowed me down. Still I managed to leave 10 minutes over my shift. Took a short nap for 2 hours then finished my book. Damn that was tough! Its really hard to absorb everything especially when the topic is that boring. The worst part isnt over yet though. I have to reread the book coz I just typically scanned it.

So Ill have to do that tomorrow because today Im really exhausted. I feel good though for pushing myself out the door and finishing my workout. I grabbed some groceries on the way home and some treats for me and my baby. I also got a bag of whiskas wet food for the white stray cat that hangs out by the bike path. The poor thing didnt even know what the food was and initially ignored it.

Anyway I miss Marble. The cat advocate group picked her up yesterday for her spay day. I hope everything turns out okay and she recovers quick and smoothly.

Time to go. I just want this exam over and done with!

Jan 23, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS - on trying to study, tooth fairy, Marmie and my beloved girls


Got up early today (before Lunch is early on a weekend). Time to really study! Ill start around 12 PM today and hopefully finish before its time for my run.

I also hope to see Marmie tonight. I didnt get to see her yesterday which is disappointing. I bought a buggy to stuff my grocery in so I could walk past her block. I called her name but she just wasnt there. I got worried for awhile until Lisa told me last night that she is fine. She saw Marmie asleep near some plotted plants around 12 AM. Poor baby girl. I hope she had dinner though..

Well gotta make some brunch now! Rice and tuna sounds enticing.


Things didnt turn out as planned. As usual, the lazy bug bit me and I didnt study.I slept through the entire day mostly before we got ready and had dinner. After the tasty lunch I had, I just passed out. I just ended up taking photos of my cats, while I was eating. I read a page or 2 of my book then dozed off.

Got up around 5PM. I finished a bowl of rice and tuna and looked around the room. It was a mess. I didnt contribute much to getting the room tidied up today. My loving hubby did all the work. He did the vacuuming and also putting away of junk which were mostly mine.
Also he gave the cats their long overdue bath.

You can see from these photos that they hated it of course. But Im glad my wonderful hubby was patient enough to get that out of the way. The babies have been shedding so much fur that you can make a cat out of it!

After that they settled in their little corner. We decided to take a walk and have dinner at the nearby mall.

We had dinner at Pastamania then I browsed through my book for a mere 45 minutes.
We went to see Tooth Fairy and I almost fell off my seat for laughing the whole time. I didnt expect to like it so much. It was hilarious! I think this movie caters not just to kids. Im sure even adults are gonna get a kick out of it.

On our way home we took the long route so we could check on mini marble. I had to ask Liza where she usually hangs out because I didnt see the cat yesterday. We found Marble at the potted plant and I could tell she was happy to see us. I felt kinda guilty for having to wake her from her sleep but I didnt want her to go to bed with an empty stomach.

So we fed her some kibbles and walked home. It was almost 2 AM when we joined our two furry babies.

Im disappointed with myself for putting off studying. Its less than a week before my exam and I have not even finished reading the book. Ill attempt to study later. I will really try..

Overall, it was a short but eventful and great day=)

Time to hit the sack.

Jan 21, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS- on leaving for work, Marmie, ingrate cats, running and having a good day

Woke up a little past 8am today and made it on time to work. Its such a torture though leaving the house and seeing my babies asleep snuggled on the bed. Thumpy gave me that hateful look again of course because she thinks im abandoning her. Of course she does not even know I work hard so that I can afford to buy her special treats and that expensive bag of meowmix and science diet. Ungrateful little bitch. But I love these bastards to bits. I cant resist how cute they are.

Anyway on my way home after work I ran into baby Marmie and realized I didnt bring her some food today. She didnt seem to mind though. The moment I called her name she was frantically rushing to my side to be petted. What a sweetheart! I rarely get the same treatment from my cats so its refreshing to have this little baby make me feel so important.

We played hide and seek for awhile before I had to say goodbye again. I did promise her that Ill come by around evening after jogging, to give her some kibbles.

Here is the sad part. Walking away from her. I had to literally run otherwise she will follow me all the way home.

When I got home it took 2 hours for my baby to get ready. So I used up the time to check facebook and youtube.

When baby was ready we went to the park and ran for 38 minutes. Our imap read:
Completed #iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 3.01 mi, Duration 0:38:07, Pace 12:40 min/mile, Speed 4.7 mph.

Im very exhausted but twas worth it. We went to check on marble on our way back to the hawker.

I heard from my friend Liza that she gave her food also tonight. No wonder she started barfing after eating the kibbles I gave her.

Poor girl. She ran after she threw up. I had to clear her mess so people wont get pissed if they see cat puke everywhere.

After that we strolled away to go to the hawker and have dinner. Had Yong tau Fu and some grass power. I was thinking of having roti prata but i decided to put that off tomorrow.

Taxing night but I feel happy!

Time to jump in the shower and hit the sack.

Another good day=)

seeing double - park sightings

i saw this kitty at the park last friday. it looked just like my thumpy except this one is agile and sweet!

Jan 20, 2010

07.01.10 sightings

this cart was recklessly abandoned all the way at tampines building near standard chartered but far from where it should normally be found. tsk tsk.

what is redundant?

I was looking at some cat stuff at shop and save and saw this.

DAILY THOUGHTS -exam, marmie etc

For the last 2 days I have slept for only 5 hours. Chronic sleep deprivation took a toll on me. when I napped today I slept from 930pM to 130AM. In fact I could have gone all the way till 10 AM, before my shift at work, But I felt compelled to get up and do some reading. Unfortunately the study thing didnt materialize because my hubby had other things in mind. The bad news is I hated the movie we watched. Also I dont like being trapped to do things I have no plans in taking part in in the first place. I thought it was the most polite thing to do so I gave in without much qualms and finished the darn thing suffering in silence.

Sorry honey but the movie sucked!

I have an exam again. This is the 4th one in a series of 5 compulsory exams. Every time I have an upcoming exam, I vowed that on the next one I will really take the time to study. Fail, I never do or did.

There are 8 chapters of the book I have to finish in 10 days. I guess now its down to 9 since I wasted one day. No one to blame but myself because as usual, I have put off reading the book because it honestly does not interest me. I have promised myself that after this exam, I will not subject myself to further torture by pursuing another one. This experience has defined BORING to a whole new level, in my opinion of course. Although I know someone who has been taking the exams for the past consecutive months and seems to really like it. In fact, this person has ample preparation before each test, about2-3 months studying. I dont know how she does it but I just cant. I just have other things I like to do too. If the author of this damn book was Grisham, I would have finished it on the 3rd day. But it wont be called Work if it was enjoyable. Its not a novel so that equates it with snooze time.

So there, 8 chapters in 9 days. Damn I hate stressing myself over it.

Today was uneventful. But its a nice one still. Went to the mall to pick up some running outfits for my baby, had coffee and strolled home.I ran into Mini Marble on my way home also and gave her some kibbles. I worry about her everyday now and I still hope of adopting her. I still pray that I can come up with the finances though. Caring for a cat and giving it food daily is not a big deal. Taking it home and deciding to share your home and life with is. It is a commitment and after having experienced adopting strays and most of them dying on me, this will have to take some serious thinking before making that big decision.

Here are some photos of my semi-adopted baby. I have collected a couple since I met her last 21.12.2009.

Mini Marble is getting bigger each day. I can even see a paunch progressively growing too! Hehe. I miss her when I get home and I feel sad every time I have to bid her bye and as she looks at me while I walk away.

One day soon..hopefully.

Anyway as for the running, Ive been jogging for 3 days in a row since Saturday. I decided that I have to rest. I cant burn myself out because aside from the possibility of getting injured, my enthusiasm might wane if I get too exhausted. Im kinda proud though for logging in a few miles within the first stretch of the month and Im looking forward to adding more quality work outs by next month. Hopefully there will be consistency though. Most of the time, I either get busy or flake out. That's why Im trying also to build up my psyche and taking the one day at a time approach.

I dropped by at the library today to do some "inspection" on my temporary refuge this coming weekend. Yes I plan to study my book although Im still struggling with the idea at this point. I have just contradicted myself when I did a quick run through of my previous entries on this blog and discovered I wrote something about studying. I am obviously cramming now.

Well going back, I sat down and found myself a cozy spot and I imagined it to be my potential "bean bag" on Saturday. I also scanned some books and found this training plan interesting:

That page is from a book : runners world complete book of women's running.
It sounds really interesting but Ill have to go into the details of that on the next entry. I might read that book only after my exam. Right now its time to hit the sack. I noticed Ive been erratically jumping from one topic to another. Hehe I guess its really time to sign off.

It was still a good day=)

Jan 12, 2010

funny iphone application

By the way my hubby showed me this link. Its hilarious!

daily thoughts - on lack of sleep, usual day, cat stuff and running

Routine day.

Slept for only 5 hours on Sunday night but managed to wake up on time this morning. Work was a drag as usual but i tried to focus so i could go home early. Took my last hour and fled at 530PM.
The day was uneventful. I went to the bank and deposited some money so we could use my debit card. I also got a bag of meowmix and 8 can of fussie cat for the babies. After that I went to the hawker and we had a light dinner. It was around 7PM when we got home.
I checked my facebook and email for an hour or so and I took a nap which was supposed to be only 30minutes. I woke up 3 hours later, still dazed and disoriented. Got up and did some laundry. The washing machine is busted right now so I had to handwash some of my clothes otherwise I wont have anything to wear for work.

Me and my hubby went for a run tonight at around 130 AM. imapy reads: Completed (Run): Distance 2.00 mi, Duration 0:23:21, Pace 11:40 min/mile, Speed 5.1 mph. #iMapMyRun

We went to the hawker afterwards and had a light snack of yong tau foo. It was okay but I would have opted for rice and a slab of meat. But of course, all the exercise would have been useless if I was back in my "old ways" hehe if you know what I mean.

So now its almost time for bed. Its so late!!! The day went by so quickly. Oh and yeah I gave my babies their special treats today and also played with them a little.

Im exhausted. Tomorrow again.

Jan 10, 2010

Marble Mini

Introducing : Marble Mini. The lovable cat from the void deck of Pasir Ris Block 5#@!

Olay Bath Products

I love bath products. Im not into shoes, clothes nor bags but when it comes to things that you slather on the skin, you can talk to me for hours.

I havent written any entry yet on items that I consider major must haves but I do want to share this lotion that I got as a gift from my mother in law.

It came as set complete with soap, body wash, loofah and my favorite the inshower body lotion. I swear by this product. If you're in a hurry, you can shower, moisturize, rinse then you can go get ready and slip into something nice to wear. The lotion is not greasy and the scent lingers on for hours. Too bad this isnt available in Singapore.

The Olay website has this description :

Olay Ultra Moisture In-shower Body Lotion with Shea Butter

Infuse your skin with nourishing moisture at the ideal moment for moisturizing skin.

Replace your ordinary lotion with a revolutionary rinse-off body lotion! Olay Ultra Moisture In-shower Body Lotion works with the warmth and humidity of your shower to reveal soft, smooth skin after just one use. Daily use will improve hydration of dry skin in five days!

After cleansing with your usual body wash or bar soap, and while still in the shower, smooth onto wet skin, then rinse. Step out of the shower and experience softer, smoother skin.

daily thoughts -on meeting new friends, running and getting 12 hours of sleep

I got up around 550 PM today. 12 hours of sleep really did the trick for me. Sleep deprivation has taken a toll on my psyche but fortunately not on my health..yet. i love being lazy during weekends or my off days. Its great to recharge and also slack around.

Around 8pm, me and my hubby went to see some new friends and had coffee.

I met these new friends last December. I was on my way home when I chanced upon a stray cat at the void deck near white sands. The cat just came up to me and started rubbing against my leg. The tiny cat really won my heart over.T oo bad i didnt have any kibbles with me that time and i felt a tinge of sadness while I walked away.

So I went home, got ready to take a jog and went all the way back to the block near the white sands mall.

When I got there, I ran into 2 girls and one guy feeding the same cat. We started chatting and even exchanged phone numbers. That night we added each other on Facebook.

Honestly at first i was apprehensive to add a "new friend" in my facebook account. But it was strange how easy me and these girls got along. I instantly warmed up next to them.

Over coffee today I was delightfully surprised that my new pal invited me and my hubby to her wedding! Thats a big deal considering she hardly knows me and our only common denominator is the little kitty we both share a great affection for. But yeah we do love this new cat named Marble Mini. We talk about her everyday and I try my best to remember to bring food everyday for this lovable cat.

It is strange how one cat gave me and my hubby the opportunity to meet new friends.

I was really moved by our new friend Lisa's very generous gesture. Im really excited for this upcoming big event! Ive never been to a Malay wedding before and I can tell this is going to be one fascinating experience!

Our little chitchat went on for another few hours till we had to part around 11PM. I really enjoyed talking to the 2 girls.

After that I went for a 40 minute run. It was exhausting as usual but I feel great!

Hopped in the shower after that and watched a movie called the Time Traveller's Wife.

Today was a good day=)

Jan 7, 2010

daily thoughts - running, stray cats and our rat brats

#iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 2.91 mi, Duration 0:35:52, Pace 12:19 min/mile, Speed 4.9 mph

today's jog was good. the speed was not as fast as that last tuesday but we managed to run almost 3 miles on our 4th workout day. i think that's not bad at all.

we went to have a quick dinner and get some groceries. we passed by a poor kitty i named jack and gave him some kibbles. the little thing has one blind eye and it kept purring and rubbing against our legs. i felt really sad..what my hubby told me back in kl still echoes in my head..you cant save em all..anyway i hope noone hurts those poor cats i feed.

these babies we have at home are spoiled. they have no idea how fortunate they are. makes me wanna smack them sometimes for tearing up things and going in our closets. i think theyre goal in life is go forth and destroy.

anyway almost time to go shower and study. hopefully i will be able to open my book without a struggle.

daily thoughts - on running, reading and new year's resolution

the imap my run read Completed (Run): Distance 2.53 mi, Duration 0:30:05, Pace 11:54 min/mile, Speed 5.0 mph. yesterday. ran around the park and had fun! although i was really bushed by the time i got home, im glad i pushed myself to break a sweat.

today is rest day though. i got home early and read my john grisham book then fell into a deep sleep. it was supposed to be just a nap but i slept for 4 solid hours. power nap! now im recharged again. i have an upcoming exam this 29th and i havent read the book yet. i was contemplating on reading that for an hour before going to bed around 3 am. FAIL. i went to watch heroes instead. hehe this is my 4th exam for a 5 series certification program. i have promised myself that i will study but i keep putting it off until the exam is like 3 days away. i havent really changed much since college days. i really have to stop this laziness! i guess that should be one of my new year's resolutions. then again, each year, i come up with a list but it gets buried along with the taxing demands of life.

well i have to really make my resolutions stick this year though. this is one of them.its about time for me to kick that bad habit of procrastination. i have seriously made a lot of mistakes in the past coz of it.

other than that, getting in shape is among my MUST do too.

i should enumerate it here so i wont forget and also to motivate me that it would be embarrassing not to live up to it. these are the ones that are at the top of my head rig
ht now.

1) Get in shape!

2) Study when there is an exam ( no more cramming)

3) Get rid of hoarded stuff (cats not included)

4) Drink lots of water!

5) Kick bad habits (this one is always among my NY resolutions year after year.)

6) Read one kick ass novel each month ( cant get enough of grisham)

7) Learn Spanish ( or Japanese, depends on what material I can get free online)

8) Spend quality time with my Babies

9) Eat healthy (chocolates are included)

10) Follow through with 1-9

well i wish myself luck this year!

how about you, what are your thoughts on your resolutions for the year?

Jan 5, 2010

testing out the new art stuff

here are some of the sketches i made while trying out my new pencils. i tried doodling on whatever subject i found in the room.
i found my cat sitting bored waiting for me to play with her.
I also tried the stomp that i found in my derwent kit. i honestly dont know how to use a lot of the pencils in the case but im trying each one at a time.
the last drawing is a trial one using my new manikin boomer.

Jan 4, 2010

my new toys! 04.01.2010

im just excited to show off some of the new stuff i got for my art collection. that manikin is "Boomer" and I bought it last Saturday along with the waterbrush. There's the faber castell watercolor pencils I got at White Sands. Turns out it is more expensive than the ones I saw at Times Tampines One. The one at Tampines One has 24 colors too and a free brush. It costs only 4.80 I think if you get it without the can. This one I got cost $13. It does come with a container where you can put water but still I think it wasn't a good deal. Anyway, I got that Derwent small fin waterbrush at Bras Basah Complex. It's one of my favorite places to get art stuff. The name of the shop is Art Friend and I think they also have a branch at Takashimaya.

anyway, i wont be uploading any sketches for today. ill do that in the next few days. for now its time to hit the sack. today was a busy day!=)