Apr 24, 2010

Daily thoughts - going to the library

I will be going to the library today to get some peace and make myself focus and finish my damn book. I have barely 4 days before an upcoming exam. We have been busy for the past few weeks getting things ready for our cats to be relocated to the Philippines. Aside from that, we will also be moving out because our current home has been sold to another family. Its kinda sad thinking about it because this is the best place I have stayed at during my 3 years in Singapore. The Singaporean family we live with are wonderful. We have also found a new friend with their Indonesian help. But it is time to move on. Like I told Nuri, we will always have facebook and gmail.

So Im under time constraint to get the book finished and also to make sure all our shit is ready before we head home.

My cats will be living in the Philippines starting May. I on the other hand, will be having my very much needed 3 week vacation.

Im looking forward to it. For now I have to get ready to go to the library.

daily thoughts - a long day and a long night

I slept for around 8 hours last night which is supposed to be great. My plan was to utilize the day to study and finish my book. But then I remembered that our cat Marble had to be brought to the vet. We adopted another stray cat a month ago. She is really sweet and has won us over. It was hard to ignore her especially because I had to pass by the void deck (near white sands) on my way home. So despite our financial hardship at the moment, we took the plunge and brought her home.

The problem is, our older cat Thumper hates her. We thought that in a month's time, she would warm up to Marble. Unfortunately it seems to get worse by the day. Last Sunday (18.04.10), we went out to have dinner at the hawker. We were gone for probably 15-20 minutes. When we came back, there was fur all over the floor. I thought it was nothing serious. Usually when me and my hubby would go out, we would come home and find fur on the floor and scratch marks on Thumper. So we thought it was just like those days. But then I saw blood dripping from Marble's chin. So I inspected it and there was blood everywhere. The bedsheets had blood on it too. We wiped her wound with saline solution that night. The next few days, we didnt notice anything since Marble had appetite and was still playful. But yesterday I saw that she seem fatter. I meant her face looked bigger. I looked closer and I realized there was this lump on her cheek. Today it was even bigger. It is the size of a golfball! I looked it up on the internet and found that she has developed an abscess because of the infection.

So we brought her to the same vet who gave the vaccination a few weeks ago. Ill write another post about that Vet clinic. The people there are wonderful and they dont seem to overcharge like most clinics here. Ive called up several Pet clinics in the East area and their going rate is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the vet told us that she has to take antibiotics for the next few days and we have to clean her wound 3x a day. The doctor also gave her a shot for the lump and also a pill to make her fever go down. The reading taken today on her temperature was rather high. It was 40.1 celsius. The normal body temperature of a cat is 100.5º to 102.5ºF (38.0º - 39.2ºC).

I also looked up some info on google on additional information how to manage Marble's condition.

Marble is home now but it took us at least an hour to get everything done over at the pet clinic before getting home. After getting home, we wound up looking around Tampines Mall for a laptop fan and also some backpacks. We also had dinner at Pastamania before we went to get some cat kibbles. The Pet Lovers Centre was already closed so we ended up getting a fancy feast small packet at Fair Price. We normally get either Meow MIx or Science Diet.

By the time we got home, it was close to 11PM. Now its 1239 AM and Im about to get ready to start reading. So there things for me today didnt really turn out as planned. My supposed 5 day goal to cram has been reduced to 4.

The day was very eventful, tiring but kind of exciting. We are getting things done one at a time but it seems to all be falling into place. In less than two weeks time also we will be going home to the Philippines. The cats will be relocated there. As for me I ll be spending an almost 3 week vacation before going back here to work.

For now, I have to get started reading my damn book because time is running out...

Apr 23, 2010

Lazy Bone - my adorable "Pigbull"

In September 2001 my eldest brother Elger took home a pitbull. My youngest brother Pete named him Lazy bone. Well Pete is a huge fan of bone thugz and harmony and thought it would be neat to name him after one of the singers..hehe the name was apt coz our new baby slept most of the time.

Lazy bone is a purebred show dog. We never brought him to any tournaments but the person where Elger got him from has papers to prove of Lazy's lineage. I didnt really care too much about that though. I usually like animals who are mongrels or strays because I thought they needed more love and affection. People Ive met are sometimes surprised when I bring my stray cat or "pusakal" (meaning pusang kalye -street cat)to a vet. Sometimes even the vet would be suprised that I even bothered to bring an "ordinary" cat to get shots or be treated. Crazy right? Who says strays should be neglected?

On the other hand, with Lazybone we usually get a lot of "ooohh" and "aaahhh" from vets and pet lovers alike. They seem impressed we took in a pitbull for a pet.

The reason is obvious. Pit bulls have quite of a reputation. Like this fella in the photo. Do you want to take him home?

Well, the history is that pitbulls are not tame. In some countries or states in the USA, they do not even allow pitbulls to roam the streets. I dont know if its true but I heard that there is a state in the usa that if they find you strolling with a pitbull, the cop can shoot your dog and arrest you as well. How true? Im not sure. But hell Im glad I live in a country where they dont have those kind of regulations.
Anyway going back, pitbulls are regarded as fighting dogs. I wont go into the history or details because it's gonna use up most of the space here, but for further information, click on this link:

The site even offers information on places where pitbulls are "banned".

So the stigma of Pitbulls as being dangerous and fierce was actually alien to me. I am not really a dog enthusiast. I don't mind having them around but they do terrify me at some scale. I remember being bitten by a German Shepherd on February 14, 1987. I couldn't forget it. I guess you dont forget events like that because at that time I was counting the years before I would succumb to the "latent-activated-years-later" rabies. So far its has been 23 years and Im still alive.

As I was saying, I didnt know much of these information about pitbulls until I told people I had a pitbull at home. The thing is, everything I heard, especially the negative so called "traits" never really manifested. I dont know if its because of Lazybone's not being exposed to cruel owners. He is a real sweetheart. In fact as you can see on the topmost photo, he does not mind that my cats use him as an alternative bed.

The first time I had to give him a bath, I was really hesitant and scared of course. I was terrorized by the thought that this kind of breed would bite my face off and in a lockjaw manner. By the time he was done munching my skin or head, I would be dead not because of the rabies, or injuries but more of the shock.

Strangely Lazy really loved getting baths. In fact, when he sees me getting ready with the pail and shampoo, he gets up from his sleep and stares at me longingly.

He would make a squeaky voice when I made fun of him at bath time. I hate the part where he is full of suds and he would shake it off. When he was done, its looks more as if it was my bath time.

When I go jogging around our neighborhood, I'd take him with me too. But a warning, pitbulls have a short "exercise" span. I dont know actually if this applies to all but when I do jog, after 10minutes, Lazy would just stop. He does'nt care if you want to go walk back home. He will just sit and stare at you. You will literally have to drag him because he won't budge unless you pretend to hit him with a stick if he wo'nt get up. But I never really hit him. I cant resist Lazy's charm. I usually wait until he decides it is time to go home. By the time we get home, I feel more tired than energized from my run. He would throw me one those bitch-I-told-you-I dont want to run- looks.

Lazy bone, like my other furry babies, was the highlight of my day. Even though my paycheck was barely enough for me, a part of it was allocated for his food and bath stuff. Come on, just look at him, can you resist him?

Most people I know would not consider taking in a pitbull as a pet. Well after my experience with having 3 pitbulls, I would say the pet takes after its owner. Not that Im irresistible..haha The "it is its nature to kill" type of thing didnt seem to exist here. Still, I would say it would be best to exercise on the side of caution for those planning to get pitbulls for pets.

I miss Lazy very much. When I went home last year 2009, I knew it was gonna be the last time I'll see him alive. He lost a lot of weight. He seemed to be in a state of stupor that really bothered me. He didnt have those twinkle in his eyes anymore. On top of that, he looked neglected because ticks were everywhere. He had this emaciated look that told me the reaper was just around the corner to pick him up. Although I was on a budget constraint, I had to get him a shot of frontline to alleviate his suffering a bit. I felt terrible leaving him behind like that. I actually feel that way when most of my pets died since I left the Philippines. That was a big price to pay for leaving. At that time I was seduced by the financial promise and the excitement of experiencing life at a different place. I wouldnt say Im regretful. A lot of good things did happen and I met the love of my life while on this stint abroad. But losing my pets because of the separation anxiety I caused and the neglect, would linger on my conscience for a while. Lazybone left us on October 2009. It was sad but me and my husband consoled ourself with the idea that he is in a better place where he won't go hungry and ignored again. We miss our "Pigbull" a lot. Well this post isnt supposed to be a sad one. I celebrate his life. ...

Missing you baby boy=)

When I grow up

I bet when you were a kid people asked you this all the time. Im pretty sure also that your answer would be any of the following: doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, actor, soldier.

Whoever wanted to be a waitress, a telemarketer, seamstress or even a plumber or garbage collector. Let us be honest with ourselves. There is a point in our lives that we yearn to be someone of those I mentioned earlier. But how often do we really get what we want, or should I say be what we want to be?
No one I knew in high school ever said they wanted to be in customer service or do some crummy job like clearing or waiting on tables. Moreso fixing pipes or toilets and worse collecting rubbish. It must be a tough job to collect garbage or clean toilets. Hell sometimes we cant even stand the smell of our own piss or shit. Let alone clean someone else's right?

I am one of those many people who dreamt of being a doctor. I was groomed at a young age to "like" the Sciences. I had play doctor toys and I eventually became fascinated by the Human System and all the things it can do at even the most minute level. College was expensive and we were poor but my folks put forth a huge sum of their savings to see me through college. I sort of help them too by joining the varsity track team and getting at least 50% discount. The whole BS Biology course would only take 3 years supposedly because the University I went to is on a trimester system. Still I graduated a year and 1 trimester late. I always flunked my thesis. I actually slacked around during the last year of my college because I lost my interest in Science.

After graduation I took off and rented my own apartment. I had to escape. I knew my mom was going to hound me and persuade me to go to Medical School. I was exactly right. She and my grandmother desperately wanted me to be a doctor. Im sure they had good intentions. But also I know how important it was to their reputation in the province. There are only 3 possible things worth being proud of in my mother's province. Being a doctor, Being extremely wealthy, living overseas. I will go into that issue in a future entry.

I refused to go to Medical School despite all the bribe my mom can offer. I hated the idea of going back to school and having to rely on my folks for money again. I worked for 3 years and managed to save up enough money to afford a ticket to go abroad. I did get into the wrong circle of people around `99. I lost all the money I have saved up in 3 years. It was gone in 3 months. I wont discuss it now but it is one of the things I am very embarrassed to talk about to this day. I was broke and ashamed. My family couldnt believe what was happening to me. The only last resort to resurrect my image and restore my Mother's faith in me. I told her I wanted to go to Medical School.

The story about my being in Medical School would take more than a day or even a month. It was 5 years of my life. I will have to write a separate blog and categorize it under that topic. But for this post I just want to say I didnt finish Medical school because of reasons that I prefer to keep to myself for now.

Ive been working for almost 5 years now and its not exactly the life I have dreamed of. It is far from being called glamorous or fulfilling. I should regret leaving Medical School when I was only 8 months short of getting a Medical Degree. It may come as a shock to most people but I am glad I made the right choice.

At this point in my life, I do know what I really want. Its not going to be easy to achieve it. Nevertheless, this experience of working and struggling to fend for myself and my new family has been a very humbling and enriching period for me. I would not have it any other way. I have also gained a higher respect for those people who work at the customer service level as well as those doing the odd jobs. Nobody or few dreams of being in this line of work but some people have to make a living. Some really have to do it.

Just think of this way, Doctors or Lawyers wont take your order at Mc Donalds. Neither would an architect or actor cook your fries or grill your steak or serve your meal and bring you the tab. You dont call the bank and expect the CEO to answer your questions on your latest bank transaction and what that $2 overdraft fee is for.

Thank God for customer service people. Thank God for plumbers, servers, garbage collectors. If they were not around, I am certain it would be a chaotic world.

I know we all have dreams and since it free, it would not hurt for it to be GRAND.
But sometimes things work out differently for us when we literally get older.

I wish to emphatize and emphasize at the same time that I am glad I got into customer service. I am proud to have been able to support myself, my dad, my family and also upgrade my skills in case My Dream Job does not work out. (Honestly though I do hope it works out). There is also a time we have to be practical and not just ideal.

I still have a lot of growing up to do.Whether or not I achieve my lifelong dream is not truly that important like I thought it would be. What is important for me now is to enjoy the ride.

I have a clear destination in mind but that does not mean I will not take the time to enjoy the other scenic spots I see along the way.

I just wont wait to be happy until I get to where I want to be. Who knows, the fork in the road may be the best thing that could happen even if it turns out to be a detour.

I just hope it does not end up like that movie I watched called Wrong Turn . That would really suck.

Kinder toys

I wrote an entry a month ago about finding a kinder egg here in Singapore. Its the real thing not the annoying bootleg one. Here is a photo of the free cut toy inside.

Apr 22, 2010

daily thought - on cramming

I wrote an entry a month ago about finishing a book for my last and final exam. I guess, the real me took over and I did not study at all. Now I have 6 days left to study for a 150 item exam and I have to read a 400 page book. It must not be too difficult you know if it was a topic I was familiar with. But no, most of the concepts in the damn book are alien to me. So Im going to go over that site where they outline cram tips that work. Ill write a post after my exam. Wish me luck!

Even my cat doesnt like the book. She seem to want to shred it to pieces. Next week you may Dapper..that is if I pass it.

Apr 8, 2010

Interesting "csi" themed photos

Saw these while we were at the Tampines One Mall last March 28

Nice right? too bad we didnt know what they were for.

When we got home, there was a reenactment.

Which do you think is cuter? =)