Jan 4, 2013

Daily thoughts - New Year, New Life

Every new year I believe almost everyone I know tries to come up with a resolution. Its a fun way of ushering in the fresh year, full of possibilities and exciting things to come. I for one have been doing that every year. Of course at the conclusion of each 365 days, I contemplate whether I was able to bring myself to commit to those resolutions. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, there are times also its half half, meaning i am able to do it then some unforeseen event stalls me from seeing that resolution through. Nevertheless, i always think that a new year is also a clean slate. Just like the New Diary/Journal I always get. I have been jotting down my thoughts for 20 years now (or more I think if I remember it correctly). Its fun to look back and read some of the crazy thoughts Ive had growing up. Also when i I see a pattern of fail moments I shake my head and wonder why I manage to not see the looming disaster when it has happened before. And i just want to kick myself and ask why did  that.. AGAIN???

It makes me smile though. Life is just so sweet despite mistakes Ive made in the past. besides, i wont be where I am, happy and just overwhelmed with all the blessings Im getting, hadnt I gone through all those stupidities. Lolz. I just feel that everytime another year rolls by, I can reinvent myself again and start over.

. so yeah, i think its cool to make resolutions, no matter how frivolous some may sound. its your life, so you have the rein on how to run it. dont let anyone spoil that fun for you right?

so for me, I plan to be happier this year and find also a job that is fulfilling and doesnt thrive on exploiting its employees and clients. I experienced having the worst job in my life last year and I dont intend to make that same mistake again. LIfe is too short to waste one day to be unhappy.

I also revised the my daily to do list:

1) take my vitamins (and remind the spouse to do the same)
2) Pray (should be on top of the list but this list is in random order)
3) Drink lots of water
4) Exercise (every other day)
5) Eat at least one fruit everyday (veggies too - bananacake, carrot cake and frenchfries dont count)
6) Think of all the things I should be grateful for
7) Draw
8) Compliment someone (and be sincere about it)
9) Express love to my sweetie (yihee)
10) Have a cup of Joe (dont exceed 5 cups per day)
11) Have breakfast
12) Learn one new word in English, Nihonggo and Spanish
13) Have some quality time with the family
14) Send an email to my brother/s.
15) Never stop thinking of adding another good thing to add to this list

Sounds like a lot? nah, i realized I used to spend more time on facebook and it doesnt have any return of that invested time. Knowing that Im living on borrowed time, makes me value it more.

One more thing I learned is how to be a "tourist" again. I remember that everytime me and my husband flew for trip, we were brimming with excitement and happiness. We were appreciative of being able to see new places. I am gonna apply that in my day to day activities from now on.

I know that there will be days that will be rough..but if most days I can be happy, I will try to be. Because the truth is, life may be over before you know it. Just like a short holiday trip, enjoy the ride and take lots of photos and relish the memories. Life is just so beautiful for us to take it for granted. Another year is a gift that we should be thankful for. Make the most of another year by living and not simply existing.

Happy New Year!! God Bless everyone!

happy new year from a fat elf