Oct 10, 2019

Daily thoughts-Thumpytoots

I wrote this entry on July and never got back to it. cant believe how quickly that week went by that I thought I’d have time to write more about Thumper's progress. She was lethargic the past couple of days and one evening she was trying to get our attention and we noticed something leaking from behind her. My heart stopped and I thought it was something serious and could hasten her already deteriorating condition. We brought her to the vet the next day and it turned out she has an anal gland rupture. I was actually shocked . I’ve had cats for many years and I’ve never heard of this. The good news is she didn’t need surgery. It will just require for a daily antibiotics and cleaning the wound with antibacterial wipes. She was a good sport and such a behaved patient. The vet and the staff always say she is a very behaved cat.

In just a few weeks though things took a turn for the worse. The cancer has spread very quickly and it was so bad that when we brought her to the vet again, she only had probably a day to live before she would suffocate because her lungs were full of tumors. It is was a horrible day for us and we had to make a drastic decision.

We lost Thumper on August 3 2019 and a part of me died that day. She was a special part of our lives that I am not the same person without her. I cannot even talk about her without breaking down. I cannot look at our selfies together without feeling crippled with that gnawing pain. She died on a Saturday and I had to go back to work the workday after that weekend. looking back i cannot even remember how i managed to get through that day.  Just the same, Im partly relieved knowing she is no longer suffering. She gave us more than 10 good years and for that I am grateful. Some people may not even have had that rare kind of happiness and I had a decade of it.

When Im ready I would like to talk about her more but today I just want to tell the world how blessed I was to have had that chance to share our life with this wonderful angel. I love you so much Thumper! We miss you baby girl and one day we will see you again. Please wait for me by the rainbow bridge.  Sleep peacefully my baby girl.

Thumper 12/27/2008 - 08/03/2019