May 31, 2010

Mga Bagay bagay na mahalaga sa akin

Dati meron akong 4 na pusa.

si fishy, britney, tiffany at si pretty.

sa tuwing uuwi ako galing trabaho, makikita mo sa mga mata nila ang tuwa. mapapansin mo rin ito sa ingay ng ngiyaw nila.

pagdating ko aalugin ko na ang kahon ng catfood kapag me laman. sa mga araw naman na ala ako pera, bibili ako sa kapitbahay ng isang lata ng sardinas at noodles, kukunin ko mga tirang kanin sa ref at iluluto ko un para meron silang pagkain. minsan nagwawala sila dhil kelangan ko pang palamigin un para kaya nilang kainin.

ipapasyal ko rin pag umaga ung aso naming si lazybone at si murgit. dati pangalan ni murgit ay kitchie kaso sbi ng utol ko dahil isa shang pangit na askal, di raw bagay ang kitchie dahil mashado sosyal. oo salbahe ung utol ko. pero mahal naman namen si murgit kahit pangit.

me kapatid sha dati, si barbie na pumanaw na. me aso rin kmi dating si yuri na feeling ko ay naging asusena. sana makarma ang mga taong gumawa nun. mamamatay din sila.


miss ko na rin pag nasa bahay si daddy. retired na sha kaya pag nasa bahay yan any paniguradong me almusal na hotdog, tuyo at pandesal.
pagdating namen galing trabaho ay tatanungin kmi nun kung gusto namen magkape. sasabhin ko nanman (gaya ng lagi ko ngang sinasabi sa knya tuwing umaga) naku dad me pasok ako mamyang gabi. di ako makakatulog sa kape. at sasabhin naman nya, sige anak magalmusal ka na lang. si daddy talaga. napakasweet. minsan tatanungin din nya ako kung me sobra akong barya at me bibilhin daw sha sa sari sari. sige bigay lang ako. minsan bubulungan ko sha na pasensha na dad at mejo kapos ako kaya next week na ang allowance nyo. sasabhin na naman nya, anak kahit wag na. ok lang ako. shempre pag sinasabi nya to lalo ako naiiyak. dhil napakabuti nyang ama. ala sha inaasahan skin o sa mga kapatid ko. pero gusto ko lagi ako may maibibigay. minsan nga lang kapos din tlaga ako.

kapag sabado naman, minsan pupunta kmi ng metrowalk ng utol ko. 2 oras kmi halos dun. hahanap kmi ng mga bagong pirated dvd. pag uwi namen sobrang saya namen. para kming me nakuhang kayamanan. shempre ba naman, clear copy tapos 40pesos lang.

pag uwi sa house, pagktapos ng hapunan, maghahanda na kmi ng iced tea na ilalagay namin sa pitchel. tapos ung mga chichiryang nabili namen. pagkatapos maghapunan din ng mga babies ko (fishy, britney, tiffy at pretty),

(from L to R : Tiffy, Pretty, Fishy and Brittney)

magkakandarapa na rin yan sa kwarto. tatambay din sila dun. gusto nila humiga sa kama. kaya isa isa ko silang pupunasan ng wetones. maya maya tulog na sila. minsan makikishare rin sila sa chichirya namen. spoiled mashado.

pag linggo naman, ayan madalas ay ligo time sa mga pets. di lang si lazybone at murgit. pati ang mga babies kelangan maligo. lahat sila dadalhin ko rin sa banyo. at ayan na parang me concert sa banyo dahil sabay sabay silang ngingiyaw. kala naman nila makakatakas sila.after ng ligo. punas at blow dry. pero si britney di namen binoblow dry ksi takot sia sa ingay ng dryer. kaya twalya lang sa knya.

labada day din ang linggo. madalas dumadating ang labandera nameng si ate maryel. mabait sha at kasundo ko. tinutulungan nia rin ako sa pagpaligo ko lazybone. mabait na aso si lazy. kahit pitbull. di nga ako naniniwalang bad ang pitbull dhil 8 years ko sha naging alaga pero kahit kelan di ako kinagat eh.

at shempre ang paborito kong highlight ng araw, ihawan ng liempo, bangus, tilapia at minsan pusit. kumpul kumpol kmi sa dining table. gagawa kmi ng sawsawan. madalas magluluto rin ako ng pinakahihintay nilang sinigang na baboy o hipon. gusto nila ksi me hinihigop din na sabaw habang nagkakamay kming kumakain ng inihaw. shempre di mawawala sa mesa ang malamig na coke. kung di malamig, bili ng ice sa kapitbahay.

lunes hanggang biyernes, dating gawi. pasok na naman sa trabaho. kelangan magtricylce, fx tapos pauwi pagod na naman.

Oo khit mahirap buhay, masarap umuwi sa bahay. Shempre anjan silang lahat..

Eto ang buhay ko dati na iniwan ko. Makalipas ang 3 taon ay makakauwi na rin ako..

Wala na ung ibang pets ko (Tiffy, Brittney, Fishy at Lazybone)..Pero me mga bago. Me sakit na rin si Daddy at di na sha puede maghanda ng almusal gaya ng dati.

Pero ayos lng. Kaya ako babalik ay dahil sa knya. Mas mahalaga sya sa kahit anong trabaho or oportunidad. Dadating din ulit un. Pero ang mabuting ama na tulad nya ay iisa lng.

Oo mahirap nga buhay dito sa Pilipinas pero okay lng umuwi ulit at makipagsapalaran basta makasama ko si Daddy at mga pets ko. Di ko na sila iiwan ulit.

May 30, 2010

Letters that make me smile..

April 25, 2009

To my darling wife,

I won't say I knew that I would be unemployed for this long when I first came here, but I knew life would be different, and I knew it would be tough. I've had to adjust to a whole new way of living, and a whole new culture. I expected that. We haven't had a lot of money to live off of, but I'm fine with that. Things are shitty sometimes and then sometimes they're fucking fantastic. We were big timing for a while, and now we're not. In a few more months, we might be big timing again. Who knows. What does it really matter though? To me, life is about more than just how much money I do or don't have. It's about who I spend it with, how I live it, and experiencing as much as possible.

I don't regret anything. My life has been one big adventure since moving here, and even if it's not well padded with funds, it's still a lot of fun, overall. Plus, I'm with you. If I don't mind the idea of living in the Philippines, what makes you think I mind the occasional troubles we have here? Sure, it sucks sometimes on a day to day basis, but overall it's great.

How could you be a disappointment? You bust your ass at work to make sure you keep your job and we have funds to live on. You come home and make me a meal more often than not. Hell you even do the dishes usually. I couldn't ask for more from you. In fact, I'm often disappointed that you have to do so much, like pulling so many long hours in the office.

I might have been more financially stable in the US, and that's a big might considering the lay-offs going on there, but I wouldn't be as happy with my life. Not by a long shot. Marrying you was the best thing I could've done for myself. No matter how tough things are, the idea of taking care of you keeps me motivated to keep looking for work, to study, and to keep writing.

Things will get better. Things have already started to get better, in fact. Sure, Thumper bumped her damn head and cost us a stack of bills, but shit happens. That's the responsibility of taking on a cat. If Sushi had hurt herself I would've taken her in to the vet too. I can't really be mad about that. I'm just happy Thumper is going to be ok. I want her to grow up and kick Dapper's butt one day. That would be fun to watch!

So, in short, you've given me more than I feel I deserve sometimes. I'm the lucky one here. I couldn't ask to have a better wife by my side, and this small sacrifice is nothing compared to the benefits I receive from having you. I wouldn't have it any other way, except for me finding a job and us being big timing again. That would be a blast. Oh... and I like your butt.

Your loving husband

Daily thoughts - My Dad

I went home last May 6 to visit my family. I have been looking forward to it for weeks. It has been over a year since I last went home.

I was overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation because the very reason for this vacation is to see my dad.

Just two months ago I wrote an entry that my dad was brought to the emergency room. I fervently prayed for weeks that he would be okay and that he would still be alive when I go home. That time I couldnt afford to get a ticket .It had to wait.

I am very fortunate because when we arrived, Daddy was there to welcome us. I was shocked to see how much he has changed physically. His face was swollen and his belly and legs manifested the signs common to someone with CHF.

I tried to fight the tears but I guess he couldnt. Ive never seen my Dad cry. Im sure he was just really very happy to see me and my hubby.

I have never been so happy in my life to see him too. Despite how morose he looked. Here he was, my hero, the wonderful man who used to pick me up from school when I was in gradeschool. The great dad who prepares our food for school and packs it with chocolates, candies and other good stuff.

He has transformed physically to a withered, emaciated old man. It saddens me but at the same time it had made me decide on what I should do with my life.

The moment I saw him, I knew what I had to do. I chose him and Im coming home.

May 23, 2010

Pussy Love

Missing my Pinoy cats. Among the 4 cats on this photo, only one is still alive. I have to make up to Pretty and her baby boy Alejandro

May 3, 2010

Daily thoughts - cat bath time!

(photo source on this link)

We gave our cats a bath last Friday (30.04.10). I was expecting that it was going to be a "bloodbath" (meaning my arms would be full of scratches and bitemarks) but suprisingly it wasnt.

Most of the time, my hubby gives the cat their baths. This time he needed my help because our little family has an additional member Marble. We now have 3 cats in tow! And yes aside from the cat food budget increment, we also have to allot one day each month to give them their baths. I read somewhere though that once in 2 months is okay. Ill keep that in mind for the following months.

The cats were very cooperative. They all had a unique way of welcoming the inevitable. Marble held on to the pipe like a kid while i doused her with the shampoo and water mix. It was very manageable that I did it by myself. The other two cats required me and my hubby's concerted effort. But there was no struggle really. They just whined their hearts out while we shampooed and rinsed them off.

It was so entertaining! After the bath of course was some personal moment with each cat while I toweled them dry and brushed their coat.

They all looked relieved when it was over though. They also licked themselves non stop for probably over an hour. It was like they were not contented with the bath!

Im kinda glad I didnt have to go through something like this one :

Or this one:
(more cat photos on this link )

You can also go to this great site that offers a lot of information on cats and how to give them baths.

This last photo looks a lot like our cat Thumper and my husband's hands! not to mention the tiles look just like the one in our previous bathroom.

May 1, 2010

Daily thoughts - on moving out, exams, vacation

It s the start of new month! In a few days we will be leaving for a much awaited vacation. Well things have been working out great the past few weeks. Although Ive been wasted because of a chronic lack of sleep, Im very grateful for the turn of events. First is I passed that exam I studied for roughly 5 days. I wrote an entry a few days ago complaining about it. It was one helluva week! I went to the library on the weekends and during my requested leave day. I also stayed up all night to cram all the lesson in my head. It was stressful but Im lucky that I did it! Im certain it was not just me in there. It was definitely a miracle. 417 pages, 25 chapters. probably the most boring book ive ever read in my life! Im so relieved its finally over.Hurray!

Well now that that darn exam is out of the way, we are getting ready to move out of our room. We are packing our things and sorting through each item deciding which we will be shipping and what goes in the bin. Its a real pain but its inevitable. we cant waste time and we are really running out of it. Last night I was looking at my things and the room and all I could think was WTF. The room was in chaos. The cats were also freaking out as we took out their cat gym and put it in our huge box to be shipped home. Three years of being a packrat has its repercussions! For the next couple of days I will be on throwing spree! Yup, gotta get rid of more garbage and hoarded stuff.

A few more days and we are outta here!