Jun 11, 2013

Thoughts for the day - Apartment Hunting Conclusion

Last April I wrote a post about how difficult it is to find an apartment in NYC. I read this article that sums up pretty much what to expect when it comes to housing options when you get here. Based on the figures and complex issues discussed on that article with regards to fees, preference for location and the stringent requirements, it has actually gotten worse. And I failed to mention, that post was written 5 years ago.

When I moved to Singapore 6 years ago, I had only 10 bucks on me. But since I was promised a relocation allowance and a sufficient paycheck by the employer who hired me, I was hopeful that I would find an apartment without incident. Back in Singapore also I was still single. So it made sense to lease an apartment with friends or co workers. I lived more comfortably with extra income to put away for the rainy days.

It was nothing compared to what I went through when I arrived in NYC. It is hard to find a job and doubly hard to get an apartment that wasnt a dump and had a reasonable rate.

The most recent application I submitted for an apartment was a month ago. But I have been trying for over a year, to find a place that would not totally wipe me out financially. Currently, Im living off of my savings and Im taking the time to find a job. I wanted to find a comfortable home where it was geographically as desirable as possible (ie close to the subway and major hotspots of the city). A dream thats not unique to people who have been wanting to move to the Big City.

The good news is we finally found a perfect place! It is reasonably sized and affordable and close to all the amenities. It is both a miracle and a blessing we got this apartment. It is also close to my husband's school and the subway. I also discovered the numerous cheap grocery stores nearby. There is a starbucks across the subway, and a chipotle 2 doors down from it. I found a bakery that sells delicious donuts at .50 a piece, several 99c stores that has almost everything I need, a curtain shop, fine fare, gristedes, popeyes, rite aid, to name a few. I cant believe how lucky we are we have found our home sweet home smack in the middle of everything.  Right now we are gradually adding stuff to improve our humble abode=). Will be posting photos soon.