Jun 4, 2012

Daily thoughts- A memorable Memorial Day and long weekend!

It was my first time to spend Memorial Day in the USA. I had to look up what this day meant because I couldnt just celebrate it and enjoy the holiday without at least knowing the story behind it.

As the link mentioned Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

I have great respect for soldiers especially those who have given up or lost their lives fighting for their country. My paternal and maternal grandfathers are both soldiers and so is my eldest brother. My husband is a veteran and so is his Dad and his grandfather. My bestfriend of 26 years and her husband are both from the US Army too. I just find men (even women) in uniform to be rare courageous beings and I have a high regard for them. Not to mention I think they are also sexy. lolz.

Anyway, we spent the Memorial Day at home. I had a reason to be lazy and to pig out. Good food abound!

Deviled eggs

the bbq came out really good

loved this burger
I wont take credit for anything that was prepared that day. I just sliced the tomatoes and onions. Also not in this photo was an apple pie we bought from whole foods the day before the holiday. It was so good I had seconds. The next day I had breakfast and also got another slice of pie.

I  look forward to spending more holidays celebrated in this country, people go out of their way to cook good food.  And of course I also enjoy the time spent hanging out with family. im really passionate about that, family and of course eating.

I went overboard also with my passion for food by pretending I wanted to eat my cat Dapper. She didnt like it too much.