Jul 31, 2014

Daily thoughts - 26 weeks of vacation and 4 days of positive thoughts

Last week was the start of my "26 week vacation". Ill be spending this time looking for a new job that I (hopefully) like, will be cooking new recipes and catching up on my reading. In the meantime with all the crazy things going on around the globe ie Middle East conflict, the crash of Malaysian Airline MH 17, the oppression of Christians in Iraq and the countless other crimes here in NYC and the US, I cannot help but be upset. At the same time Im also grateful I am alive and safe. And although I am skeptic and cynical am still hopeful for better days.

Speaking of optimism. a good friend of mine wrote on my wall about requesting that I enumerate 3 positive things in my life each day for 4 days and tagging some people to do the same. I don't really like chain letters or in this case chain mandatory postings but the concept isn't a bad idea. Besides i cannot really think of anything worth writing about at the moment so I might as well start my vacation with the positive.

Sharing my facebook post:

Thanks for nominating me, (insert name of my friend) These are my positives from yesterday 07/30/2014.

Day 1 of 4: My 3 positives for 07/30/2014:
1. I slept for more than 8 hours. Woke up next to my soulmate and my 3 little furry babies.
2. Finally finished the book My promised Land by Ari Shavit. A book that has IMO a Very unbiased account of the author's experiences and other people's experiences (Palestinians and Israelis alike) about the most controversial country at the moment.
3. Attended this afternoon's session with Stephen Lerner and my new friends at T and V although i was dozing off for the most part.
I nominate (insert name of friend 1, 2 and 3 here) to share 3 positives for the next four days and each to nominate 3 people to do the same.