Feb 9, 2013

Daily thoughts : Nemo found us!

I am not going into the detail of how the name came about, the link can fill in that part. Although the name makes me all warm and fuzzy because the picture below is what I think of, I am sure this storm is not going to be "cute". I havent experienced my real first blizzard but I am darn sure I am a tropical mammal not designed to weather such extreme conditions.

I dont like snow. It looks good on TV, magazines, movies, photos, in short not in real life, at least not for me. Its only nice to look at when you are in the comfort of your own home. But when I know for sure there is snow coming, I try to avoid it at all cost. Better hunker it down and wait it out till its gone. The bitter cold out there makes my head hurt so bad its like literally brain freeze. Then there is that danger of slipping on the sidewalk when you come across sleet. I hate that. One time we were coming out of Barnes and NObles and I was so excited because it was my first time to really experience snow not just from the balcony like I did when I first got here. But I almost slipped. I dont think it would have been great if  landed on my ass or worse broke my damn hips. There was that metal structure on the floor (maybe like a manhole for pipes) and it was covered up by a carpet of snow that nobody would have noticed it at all. Unfortunately too I was wearing sneakers that dont have any traction at all. So we had to walk across Union Square like old people to avoid slipping and hurting ourselves.

So when I heard about this weather forecast, I charged my camera right away. But I realized too I may not be able to take a lot of photos outside since Im too much of a sissy to go out and really look around. Nevertheless I wanted to be prepared in case I do feel adventurous tomorrow. Im just hoping that this storm isnt as bad as Sandy was.

Speaking of Sandy, Man, that was 4 nights of hell! we had no water, no heat, no food! everything in the fridge had to go. Worst, we had to haul water on a flight of stairs 8 floors up! It sucked because if you had no water, you cant use the toilet and go, you know what I mean. Then the next day I also had to walk an hour to get to work. I did kinda look forward going to work that time. It was the only way to charge my dead electronics and use a clean toilet. I washed my face and brushed my teeth at the office. Shower? whats that? hehe oh I showered before heading back to the apartment.  We swung by at Mom's apartment, appropriated some boiled hot water from the stovetop and used a pail full of ice cold water. I cant really complain. That primitive preparation soothed my aches and pains for the day.

 I failed to mention, no help arrived during those 4 days and nights of hell. Our grandmother was too sick to go downstairs to get herself food, water or any supplies. So we had to check on her too and make sure she had candles, flashlight and other stuff. I like to whine about it especially about the fact that on the upper east side, they had traffic lights. whereas on our part of the grid, it was major black out. Anyone can get run over by a vehicle just by crossing the street. The hought of thieves and rapists lurking in the dark was another thing to worry about too. Luckily, we managed to get home safely.

Also I would like to think that we werent really that unlucky. Some boroughs were hit hard than we were so I am still glad the chaos we had to put up with lasted  less than a week. I wanted to post some photos unfortunately too I have none since I didnt charge my camera the night before. I thought the news was just exaggerating the possible outcome of that storm. Downplaying that event was disastrous. We spent a lot of money having to get supplies that were overpriced. We had to use a small crappy flashlight my coworker gave to me (which fortunately came in so handy because he gave it just the day before) to get up to our apartment.8 small candles cost 8 bucks at the deli near where we live. Opportunistic pathogens.

Anyway, that Sandy experience deserves its own blog entry but I never had the time to go into detail about it. I was just so busy with work, and getting our place cleaned up. you know the wifey chores I had to do. But in short it was a nightmare that Im sort of terrified to go through again.

So I hope Nemo wont be a name I would despise too.  Ill find out tomorrow. Time to pick up on my reading. But first things first, I have to scoop the damn litter box because my cat just let out a rotten turd and the damn bastard called spouse decided to turn on the fan to ensure i take a whiff of it. Asshole.

potty dome