May 15, 2012

Daily thoughts - Pulling an Office "Spacey"

Two of my favorite movies are Office Space and American Beauty.

Scenes from Office Space:


Ive seen this movie a couple of times but I never get tired of watching it coz it never fails to crack me up. A funny take on hating one's job. I can totally relate. I held a job once that I hated so much it would get me into bouts of depression. I had alopecia (localized hair loss), unexplained dermatitis and constant hyperacidity. When the company later fired me, it seemed more a favor than a punishment. I felt so happy and relieved. Why do we stay in these kind of jobs? Reason is quite obvious. Its not that we are troopers or masochists. We need money.

It isnt that easy to quit a job. A job that sucks still beats zero. Passion and good intentions or even LOVE cannot pay the bills. 

Money is the only currency that speaks a universal language in the world of retail. Bills have to be paid and sadly most of the time, we have to swallow our pride. We have to drag ourselves to work each day, because at this point we dont have a choice..yet. We know realism cannot be ignored and we have to set aside our idealism (temporarily)and consider what is practical now. 

But that doesnt mean we should stop learning or exploring.. or looking...We must continue to upgrade ourselves. We should never cease to be informed and educated. I believe in staying employed until you find another job that may be more promising. 

My idea is this, instead of letting your employer exploit you, consider it the other way around. They pay you, in exchange for the work you dofor them, but at the same time, it hones your skills too. You never know, one day you will be so good in your job that when you leave, your shoes will be a large one to fill. 

And when youre gone and moved on to your dream job, who will realize the loss? you wouldnt care. You would be too happy in your new job the past wouldnt even matter. Until then. just keep smiling and earning=) 

And here is a favorite scene from American Beauty, with my favorite actor Kevin Spacey.  

How I gloat on the thought that one the day I could muster the courage to also say...Adios assholes!