Sep 18, 2011

Daily thoughts - It's official, Im a non tech savvy TSR

The sari sari store had to close down. a lot of people have been loaning items that i found it impossible to continue operating the store with whatever small profit i had left. so yeah although i was enjoying manning my store had to give it up. people here probably thought it was just a hobby and that i didnt really need money, wth, i also need to support myself right? di ko naman puede ipangbili ng supplies ang ngiti di ba? pera ang kelangan sa ganung klaseng transaksyon.

so last july 25 i decided to look for a job. my preference of course was a job that   1)is geographically desirable 2) has no dress code 3) has a non technical account 4) merong good vibes

i had no firm plan that day. i woke up, decided i wanted to apply and took that 30 minute trip to the closest call center where i lived.

no manila scramble wasnt the employer. if they did employ me, malulugi sila dahil kakainin ko lng paninda nila.  but i was so happy to find one at the mall, sad to say nung na hire ako, wla na ung stall.
heaven in a cup

The application process was quite quick. I showed up around lunch and by 7pm I was done with the exam and interview . It was not as unpleasant as the previous job applications I went through last year where they made us stay so late that I even got stranded one time and failed to go home. Also, the people who handled the hiring process were very transparent with what they could offer and also whether or not the job will require me to do two things (csr and tsr) or if i will just handle one particular job scope. I passed the interview and I was told that the job offer will follow.Guapo pa ung HR. hahaha bad trip lang ksi sabi nila me free donut at coffee, 1 buwan nako as of sept 8 pero wla pa rin ang coffee ko. Sucker pa naman ako sa libre.

Anyway, there were 40 of us in the batch and we were split into two sections because the training room can only accommodate a handful. The training was 4 weeks. 1 week was not account related and the 3 weeks was for the account itself. We also had a proficiency check or what other call centers would call the phone simulation part. Some people fail this part and are let go. If you pass this stage, they let you go on nesting period where you take live calls for a few hours. Then after a 5 day nesting stage, you are then again evaluated. If you pass, you go on production, in short you get to keep your job. If you fail, then its goodbye for you.

Im not a technical person. I mean, I like to use the internet but Im not savvy in terms of how things work and how the whole internet thing functions. I was able to set up my own wireless connection and also help my brother set up his router (na i donated) in his internet shop, but its only because I researched on it sa internet. I never imagined myself giving people a walkthrough over the phone on how to configure their modems or set up their pc and modem at home. I was expecting to fail the training and be jobless after a month. I enjoyed training but I dreaded having to explain things that are too technical to customers..especially if I dont even know how to go about doing it myself. Just imagine teaching someone how to ride a bike when you cant ride one. Pure theoretical doesnt work for me if I cannot apply it. I want to sound convincing and I feel its a disservice to a company if I cannot deliver.

So I got the shock of my life when I was told I passed the nesting stage. Out of 40 people, 13 of us made it. Im one of those lucky people. Im not saying Im good but Id like to reiterate, I am fortunate.Some people who were let go are seasoned agents like me. Some of them are IT trained and some who had good communication skills in English too. I dont know what convinced our trainers to keep me, but Im really happy. This is a challenging job but Im really enjoying my stay at work. Plus I love that the company have nice sleeping quarters and hot showers in their bathrooms making me feel like its im in my second home, naks. i have a place to crash now when its too late to go home after gimmicks. lolz.

Its also amusing that the current operations manager happens to be a close friend of mine in college. A real achiever in life who is even a blackbelt holder in taekwondo and a sorority sister of my eldest brother. And no, I didnt ask her to help me get in. She didnt know I was already working there until she saw me at the pantry. I hate nepotism and i really value meritocracy. Mahirap na ung masabing, kaya lng ikaw natanggap eh dhil me kakilala ka. I have my pride and principle that i strongly adhere to in such scenarios. Di bale nang di pumasa basta alam ko hindi ako nagpalakad.

Pero buti naman at pinalad ako kaya to God be the glory!=)

It has been almost a month since I wrote my last post. Dami ksi ginagawa. But it all paid off! two back to back good news last Sept 15 and 16. I honestly cant contain my happiness for all the continued blessings.. now its time to get the cats ready for their big trip=)

Guys brace yourself!




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