Dec 10, 2014

Daily thoughts - My Shoebox Paradise after a year

We moved to our tiny home a year ago. It was not easy to find this place but we are really lucky we snagged it before the price became too impossible. there is no assurance however that our landlord wont keep jacking up the rate every year though. well if it ever comes to a point it is no longer reasonable then we have no choice but to look around again. in the meantime, im not going to beat myself over worrying about it. Im truly enjoying living in an area where I can see the subway when I get out of the building. not to mention that across street from the corner of ours there is a cop station just 2 blocks down. I know nypd is getting a bad rap right now, but i cant call crackheads when some criminals are trying to break my door down right? Just to prove how quick they are, our alarm went off one time when the touch screen malfunctioned and we could'nt turn the thing off. A cop showed up in 5-6 minutes. Another plus is we live close to a major hospital located just along the same street, 5-8 minutes walking distance. I can also walk to my doctor's office 8 blocks away. During summer we can stroll at a huge park or down by the river edge past the hospital and get a spectacular view of the George Washington bridge and the river. On top of the many great things i can say about our location would be the proximity to our basic needs. There are several grocery stores nearby and a deli at our corner for emergency kibbles, milk, bread and even limited edition haagendasz ice cream that sometimes is sold cheaper than an ice cream sold at gristedes. Gristedes needs to change its name to Greedstedes coz their prices are just a rip off sometimes. Unfortunately most of the exotic ingredients i need for some of my dishes are only available there. otherwise ill have to make a trip all the way to the lower east side to get it. But for most of my cooking needs can be found at the more affordable grocery stores like Key foods, Associated and CTown.

so life is indeed good and i feel we have everything that i consider necessary. In the course of a year we havent really bought a bunch of furniture or appliances out of concern that we wont be able to move freely inside anymore. The apartment is tiny and this trend is pretty common in NYC. Some are even willing to pay a fortune to acquire minuscule homes apparently for the same reason as everyone flocking to new york. The excitement, glitz, glamour or just simply opportunity and a tale to tell when someone gets old one day. the empire state of mind as they say. i wont lie and say I have never dreamed of moving to NYC. I was hooked to the show sex and the city and ive always wanted to see New York. But I never thought I would actually move here because I was aware of how expensive the standard of living here is.  

But sometimes dreams come true and to me that's being with my soulmate and three girls, right in the middle of where all the action is:)

i love ny and m&ms

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