Jun 29, 2019

Daily thoughts - Getting back after a 4 year hiatus

It has been a few years since i shared my adventures and thoughts online. The irony of life is when you got a lot to talk about, you just dont have the time to do it. on the other hand, when you got plenty of time, there's just not much going on.

what prompted me to blog again? a major event made me step back and reassess my life. i want to remember this moment.  Some people blog to make money.  I would like to be able to read about my thoughts again in the future, many years from now and reminisce and be nostalgic and grateful even. a diary is great of course. ive been writing in journals since 1992 and i still do, but having something online is simple and easy to pcheck instantly. a few days ago  i was going through an old blog post i wrote 10 years ago and realized i had so much adventures in the past that and enjoyed writing about it. why did i even stop.

I moved to NYC  Thanksgiving of 2011. it has been almost 8 years and 4 apartments later.I had an awful first job. Found another one that was ok but short lived because the company moved to another state. Became unemployed for 10 months, lived off government cheese for awhile while i looked for a job.  trained for a marathon too while waited for that elusive employment to open up. eventually found another job at the start of 2015 been there for 4 years, training again for another marathon (s), feeling an imminent unemployment but hoping not yet soon. took some art classes with one of my instagram heroes as my instructor.  rode a bike around nyc for 40miles without training lol.  in a nutshell, it was a great 8 years so far.

in retrospect i wish i wrote down all those fun and challenging experiences on my blog. but yeah sadly like i said life caught up with me and i just did not have the time to share it.
going back to what was it that made me want to blog again. it wasnt just the excitement of all the things i learned and want to do, but the heartbreaking realization that one of my cats doesnt have enough time left.  Thumper, my 10 year old little sunshine is dying. last year around March, they diagnosed her as having an aggressive form of cancer and she was given 3 months to live.  Her veterinary doctor initially recommended skipping surgery but later on decided to give it a go. We took a risk that paid off.  They resected a tumor that grew on her mammary gland and it has been over a year and she survived. Unfortunately you know how cancers are. the fucking tumor is back and its now the size of half of a golf ball. i wanted it removed again but the vet doesnt see the point of it. also it is very dangerous now since the surgery might kill her. So what are our options?  Not much really but to literally wait.  It is sad to think of it but im not giving up yet until  its really over. When i was in medical school, we were taught that the most important thing you can do for your patient is not simply to treat them because sometimes you just cannot make them well again.  However, you can can improve their quality of life. that is exactly what i plan to do. give  her my best like i always have.

Thumper is loved. She always has been since we adopted her home from a loving family in Singapore in  February 18 2009. We have tried our best in every situation to always do what is best for her and Dapper and our other cats.  Some people are fascinated and also shocked to know that we brought our cats from from Singapore to the Philippines and eventually to NYC. We do not have a lot of money but we have a lot of love especially for our pets. My IG account is filled with photos of her and her sister Dapper and the more recent addition to our little family Cheesecake.
Although this platform is mainly to serve as my online journal for myself, i wish to share it in case someone out there is going through something similar. but for the most part, im dedicating this to Thumpy, my brave little girl who has taught me so much about life and love. I hope you enjoy this journey ill be sharing weekly about her and other things i may want to talk about.

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