Jan 7, 2011

Daily thoughts - Boomer, her life in my hands

One of the cats in my room has gone blind. she was okay before but the infection in her eyes was so severe that it peforated her eyeballs and now she can no longer see. When I first brought her to the vet, her eyes were swollen but she could still see. She still played and ran around the room. The vet at the town center prescribed a medicine (which another vet told me, shouldnt be given if a cat has scarred cornea) called Maxitorl. I kept giving the medicine for a couple of days as prescribed by the first doctor. But Boomer didnt get well. At first I thought her condition was improving, because the swelling subsided. Until I saw blood ooze out of her eye. Also, I think I saw something glasslike fall too. It was her lens.

I took her to another vet and the guy told me that the medicine isnt supposed to be given to my kitten because it has steroids. It should have just been antibacterial. Now, Boomer is apparently blind.  Both of her eyes have to be surgically removed. One eye costs 2000PHP plus 1500PHP for the anesthesia. The vet from the town hall suggested I put her to sleep. Some of my friends have suggested the same. One close friend even told me ( to my shock and annoyance)  it is just a cat. The vet from Assumpta Dog and Cat clinic however didnt suggest PTS. He however told me he cant guarantee that the kitten will survive. He said the surgical procedure is delicate considering Boomer is still very young. Also, I have to wait for the vet's Dad to perform the surgery. The elder Vet is currently out of town and will be back next week. The younger vet seem like he just got out of the university and does not peform surgery yet. He did clean Boomer's eyes and gave me an antibacterial eye drops. He was supposed to charge me 300PHP but since my money was short, he told me I can just pay him the 100PHP when i go back.

The problem now is this. It is not easy for me to shell out the surgery fee. The store I have is not making that much money. In fact, the only time I ever splurged on myself was when I got that fitness tracker thing for Christmas. I havent even bought a new pair of running shoes because funds are kinda tight right now.

I plan to take Boomer to the states with me if she recovers from the surgical procedure. but the question is whether the immigration will allow me to bring Boomer with me.I wonder if the kitten will be given a clean bill of health and allowed to leave with me when its time to leave the country.

Boomer is in pain. I feel really terrible because I cant do anything about it right now. Ive sought help online and I havent received any response from the people I wrote to. Im looking for a vet willing to perform the procedure for a more affordable fee. But until then, Boomer is stuck with her rotting eyes. I clean it everyday and instill antibacterial eye drops..but for the pain, Ill have to get something tomorrow. She is a very sweet and smart cat. Even with her current condition, she knows how to find the litter box. She freaks out when she cant find it. She still plays and eats well. It is just sad that at night, I can hear her and she would yelp in pain.

Boomer (with mom Pretty) last November 22 2010

Boomer last Nov 26
Boomer and the other cats, December  10 2010

Boomer, prior to me bringing her to the vet December 13

Boomer inside the paper bag after visit from the vet

Boomer sleeping. I was in line waiting for my turn at the Bank ATM

Boomer insidemy room after visit to the vet

Boomer still able to see, December 2010.
Pc is currently acting up and I cant upload Boomer's most recent photo. But it looks really bad. I hope I can have her eyes surgically removed soon. Im really worried the infection will spread to her brain.

Im praying for an answer. What should I do? I feel guilty for not having brought her to another vet to get a second opinion. I hope I can live with whatever decision I come up with in the morning

Bur right now, I am praying I can raise the funds for her operation.. and also that she survive this ordeal. 


  1. Donated what I could hope everything turn out okay!

  2. im sorry about the kitten's situation
    but you should not have to wait 1 week for a doctor to come back.
    bring the cat to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital. They are the best vet in the entire Philippines with many senior vets with experience abroad. They will do what is necessary right away and can give you the best advice. Waiting will only worsen the situation.

    They are located along Maysilo St, Mandaluyong City.

    The operation there might even be cheaper or they might have a better solution. Please bring the cat there asap. Ask for Dr. Donato or one of the senior vets.

    VETS IN PRACTICE ANIMAL HOSPITAL is located at #63 Maysilo Circle, Plainview, Mandaluyong City (Just across Tapa King, right at the corner of Boni Avenue extension; around the Mandaluyong City Hall). They can be contacted at (02)5311581-83 or (02)5337965.

  3. maraming salamat Anonymous. ill call them and bring the cat in asap.

    @troy thank you very much!

  4. @anonymous, i called the hospital/clinic and their going rate is 4500php PER EYE. it is too costly. even if they are the best clinic in town, their rates are too much. but thanks for the info.its not easy to shell out the money. its out of my own pocket. thats why im raising the funds and also ive been looking around asking for a vet who can give a reasonable rate. This clinic is the most expensive one ive asked. but thanks anyway for the tip.

  5. Hi,

    That rate per eye is surprising, even more expensive than their rates for spaying big dogs. We're you able to ask the Surgeon directly the rate or explain the situation?

    Even if that is their standard rate I would still strongly suggest bringing the kitten there for a check up (~PHP300) and getting an expert opinion on what is best to do, they may be able to save the kitten's eyes or not have to perform surgery at all. A second opinion from them is highly recommended.

    Also if the surgery is the only option and it is too expensive, you can ask them to lower their rate, they do a lot of charity cases and are negotiable. Just talk to their Surgeon Dr. Neilsen Donato. He'll be there tomorrow from 9am.

    If they still wont agree to lower the price, you could try PAWS or Cara if they would sponsor the surgery, which in turn would probably still be done by Vets in Practice.

  6. Hi Kahel,

    I would be willing to donate US$120 if Vets in Practice Animal Hospital can help save the life of the kitten. Let me know and I'll donate asap.

  7. update: got sick last night i wasnt able to blog about what happened. but went to pspca in mendiola and the vet thinks boomer is too young for the surgery. she had some antibiotic shots and antibacterial. ill have to go back in a month for him to check again for the surgery to be done. meanwhile ill go see another vet for second opinion

  8. HI Anonymous, I guess I should go there and bring her tomorrow then. thats the only way for me to find out. i was down with some mild food poisoning today so i wasnt able to bring the kitten to the vet in town. tomorrow i can. the vip clinic is closer than the pspca i went to. i think i can get there in an hour or two tops.

    HI Cobalt. Thank you for your generous offer. I will let you know tomorrow. Ill go to the vet to check with them.

  9. Hey Kahel... you take good care of yourself too!

  10. @cobalt, thank you! been down with the flu for 3 days. thank God boomer is still fine and is eating well!


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